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COLE AND DANHOF: Chipotle Makes DEI Move Rife With Negative Consequences

Chipotle shareholders re-elected in June Voted A compensation system was in place to reward executives for achieving DEI goals, but this year there were changes. Efforts To convince companies to stop the practice, Chipotle switched from rewarding executives for increasing the diversity of their workforce to rewarding them for reducing turnover among existing minority employees. […]

Our culture’s trashing of boys and men is having toxic consequences

For a long time, the internet and social media have been filled with memes and articles that belittle men and most aspects of traditional masculinity. Many of the people behind these posts claim that they are simply sarcastic remarks aimed at “privileged” people who can’t take the joke. Even if there are doubts about the […]

U.S. Faces ‘Fatal Consequences’ for Letting Ukraine Use U.S. Weapons to Target Russia

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Monday that the United States could face “deadly consequences” if it allowed Ukraine to use American weapons to attack targets on Russian territory. Ryabkov is statement On Friday, U.S. officials reported that President Joe Biden had given Ukraine permission to attack Russian targets with U.S.-supplied weapons under certain […]

Positive Feedback Loops With Negative Consequences

Editors Note: Janet Yellen, US Secretary of the Treasury said late last week that the US would be out of money by January 19th, and would begin to take extraordinary measures to keep the government afloat until June. The problem is the previous Congress has already approved massive spending but has to go back to […]