NYC Mayor Eric Adams announces Urban Rat Summit to combat rodent crisis

In a continuing effort to contain New York City’s rat problem, Mayor Eric Adams on Wednesday announced the first National Urban Rat Summit. The summit, to be held on September 18th and 19th, will bring together the best of the rodent industry from Boston, New Orleans and Seattle to help alleviate the Big Apple’s burgeoning […]

Eric Schmidt seen with wife months after giving $100M to younger girlfriend

New York’s former “hottest bachelor” Eric Schmidt has been spotted moving back in with his wife Wendy after spending $100 million on his own money. My much younger girlfriend’s tech startup. The former Google CEO and his longtime spouse (who reportedly enjoys an open relationship) appeared at President Obama’s White House interior designer Michael S. […]

US Envoy Eric Garcetti On 1 Year In India

US Special Envoy to India Eric Garcetti says trade has emerged as a ‘foundation’ of bilateral relations (File) New Delhi: U.S. Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti celebrated his first anniversary in office and reflected on his remarkable journey and accomplishments during his time in office. “I never dreamed I would have the honor of representing […]