Shocking Italy is now exposing expose Biden’s health decline

Many Americans refuse to admit that President Biden is a disgrace, but the world is laughing at us. Italian comedy skit shows like “Saturday Night Live” made this clear. Italian comedian Maurizio Crozza played President Biden in the season premiere of a show called “Fratelli di Crozza.” The skit begins with Crozza wandering around the […]

Exposing deepfakes should top 2024’s voter education agenda

The world suddenly seems to be drowning in computer-generated “deepfake” content, which poses all sorts of risks and problems. Not just Taylor Swift. Congress and regulators are now scrambling to rein in technology that has the potential to overturn elections and endanger national security. Earlier this month, The Federal Communications Commission issued a ban. About […]

The hidden agenda: Exposing the immigration bill’s reality

Joe Biden has the authority to secure the border, but for some reason he won’t do it. Even immigration legislation hailed as the toughest in history masks its true meaning with complex legalese. “There are multiple loopholes to this,” Mark Levin explains. “Including the fact that you have to go through a port of entry.” […]

Donald Trump Jr Highlights Ad Exposing Establishment Politician Frank LaRose as ‘Left-Wing, Pro-Trans’

Donald Trump Jr. on Monday touted Ohio Secretary of State and Senate Republican candidate Frank LaRose’s LGBTQ+-friendly policies, support for taxpayer funding of abortion providers, and that children should be able to “transition” without permission. It highlighted advertisements that expose support for LGBTQ organizations that it believes are. Notify parents. “The great state of Ohio […]


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