McCarthy shoots down idea of Pentagon supplemental 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Republican, Calif., Monday dismissed the idea that Congress would adopt an immediate increase in Pentagon spending, saying policymakers would instead create efficiencies and cut savings from a large Pentagon. He insisted that we should find a place to collect them. Congress last week passed a debt ceiling policy that would increase […]

Disney dismisses idea of building miniparks in US

Disney said on Monday it has dismissed the idea of ​​building mini-parks in the United States, instead investing in major theme parks and cruise ships. Asked at a JPMorgan conference whether the company plans to join Comcast’s Universal in building smaller parks, Josh D’Amaro, Disney parks director, said: “We can focus on core assets. , […]

Dating contest idea saved ‘Mike and the Mad Dog’

Mike Francesa and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo weren’t the perfect match to begin with before they ignited the sports radio industry, but they needed a little help finding love. Francesa recalled on the podcast that the duo needed a dating show gag to save the early “Mike and Mad Dog” show. “The Mike Francesa Podcast” […]

Navy vet professor ‘Dr. Deep Sea’ spends more than 2 months at bottom of Key Largo lagoon, breaking record: ‘The idea here is to populate the world’s oceans’

A retired naval officer and current professor, he just broke the record for underwater life, but doesn’t plan to surface anytime soon. Saturday marks the 74th day Dr. Joseph Dituri, a 55-year-old lecturer in biomedical engineering at the University of South Florida, set a new record for living in a non-pressurized facility.Dituri makes first appearance […]

The Border Wall Is Not Looking Like Such A Bad Idea Now, Eh?

Ask any casual political observer about the recent trend of Republican governors busing illegal immigrants to Democratic-run sanctuary cities and you’ll probably get the same answer. It’s a “stunt”. Republicans may ostensibly agree with this policy, but are more likely to admit that it is unlikely to bring about substantive change on border issues.Number of […]

DEROY MURDOCK: This Might Be The Worst Idea Joe Biden’s Ever Had

America’s commander-in-chief has laid eggs again. President Joe Biden wants all DoD vehicles to be electric by 2030. Only 6 years and 7 months. America’s Fearless Leader previewed the policy on Earth Day 2022. “We will begin the process of making every vehicle, every vehicle, of the U.S. military climate friendly — all vehiclesBiden said […]

Morell Confirmed Hunter Laptop Letter ‘Wasn’t My Idea,’ ‘Didn’t Solicit It’

In part of an interview Monday with Fox News Department of State correspondent Benjamin Hall, which aired on Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Stories,” Secretary of State Antony Brinken said the 2020 letter from the former intelligence official was , Hunter Biden’s laptop story is Russian disinformation, not his idea, he “didn’t ask for […]