White House Swatted by ‘Prank Caller’ Claiming Residence on Fire

Fire trucks and ambulances reportedly rushed to the White House around 7 a.m. Monday morning after a “prank call” reported that the house was on fire and someone was trapped inside. The incident is representative of recent attacks on political officials. The dangerous swatting event appears to have been initially instigated by Democratic Party prank […]

George Soros’ New York residence swatted following hoax 911 call

On Saturday, Southampton police responded to a hoax 911 call and destroyed George Soros' New York mansion. new york post report. Law enforcement was called to the scene of Mr. Soros' Long Island home around 9 p.m. Saturday after a 911 caller told authorities that Soros had shot his wife and was threatening to point […]

Gigi Hadid taps beau Bradley Cooper for Guest in Residence advertisements

The model became a casting agent. Bradley Cooper has been spotted wearing several items from his rumored girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s cashmere fashion brand. guest in residence, And while the model hasn’t confirmed their romance, she did drop quite a hint in a recent marketing message. Hadid, 28, used a photo of Cooper, 48, wearing cashmere […]

Congressman Adam Schiff claims primary residence in Maryland

Adam Schiff, a rising California Senate hopeful and longtime congressman, has owned dual domiciles in Maryland and California for more than a decade, enjoying tax breaks for homeowners. He is facing intense scrutiny over suspicions that he is The controversy over Mr. Schiff’s home ownership rights could pose a problem for Mr. Schiff’s bid for […]


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