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Jason Kelce signs a baby’s shirt at American Century Championship

Jason Kelce is enjoying some great play at the American Century Championship. The crowd at the Edgewood Tahoe golf course in Nevada was cheering on the former Eagles center as he played his round on Friday, but one fan in particular caught Kelce’s attention. A man holding a young baby had Kelce walk the ropes […]

‘Hawk Tuah Girl’ wears Tua Tagovailoa shirt at South Florida club appearance

The “Hawk-to-Girl” soaked it all up and her sensation has now permeated the sports world. Haley Welch has been making headlines in recent weeks for her now-infamous response when asked what “behavior” in the bedroom would make a guy “turn on.” “Oh, I gotta hawk… Oh, I gotta spit on that part, you know?,” she […]

Tom Brady responds to Al Horford wearing a Drunk Brady shirt in Celtics parade

Another log to recognize the real log. Al Horford celebrated like a champion at the Boston Celtics victory parade on Friday, channeling both his inner and outer Tom Brady. Horford is Drunk Brady T-shirt He celebrated the only title he won while with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And Brady endorsed it, citing X’s post, which […]