Taking Apple Vision Pro on free test drive

Are you interested in Apple Vision Pro, Apple’s most ambitious product in recent history? But does the $3,500 price tag put you off? Open your wallet by scheduling a demo at the Apple Store There’s a way to experience this revolutionary technology without having to do anything.

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Book a free demo experience

Interest is piqued as Apple announces its latest innovation, the Vision Pro headset. The company hasn’t given an end date for these trials, but one thing is clear: You’ll need to plan ahead. To secure a slot, you must book at least one week in advance through the official website. vision pro page, choose from available stores for a 30-minute walk-through. At the moment, reservations are being accepted until February 18th, but given the demand, this period may not be open for long.

Try Apple Vision Pro for free

Displaying Apple Vision Pro headset (Kurt “Cyber ​​Guy” Knutson)

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demo day

Imagine walking into the Apple Store on Manhattan’s busy Fifth Avenue. A private area with 16 plush sofas awaits in the basement. Here, amid hushed excited whispers, Apple’s geniuses glide from station to station, mounting headsets on bamboo plates as if they were delicacies. This was an environment where I could enjoy a futuristic experience much like Vision Pro’s first customer.

Speed ​​is key. Please arrive on time and check in with the staff (look for the staff member with the tablet). Hygiene is of paramount importance and our staff’s utmost care extends to the handling of the devices, reassuring users of both hygiene and the durability of their headsets.

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Try Apple Vision Pro for free

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Carefully selected journeys follow a well-crafted script

Apple’s demos are more than just trials. It is an organized journey towards their vision of the future. It starts with a facial scan to ensure the perfect fit, which can be a difficult process for those with beards. He then guides you through the nuances of wearing the device and navigating the interface, focusing on the three main gestures (pinch, wave, and drag) for interacting with virtual environments.

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Try Apple Vision Pro for free

Displaying Apple Vision Pro (Kurt “Cyber ​​Guy” Knutson)

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Exploring the “spatial” area

The focus of the demo is immersive spatial video and 3D content, highlighting the superior quality of media captured with the Vision Pro compared to the iPhone 15 Pro. You can also get a glimpse of his 3D version of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” in a simulated movie theater environment. This experience allows you to browse in Safari and interact with several apps, giving you a taste of the spatial computing environment and the comfort and ergonomics of a headset.

Try Apple Vision Pro for free

Woman wearing Apple Vision Pro headset (Apple) (Kurt “Cyber ​​Guy” Knutson)

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During the demo, staff will engage with customers and gauge their reactions. This level of interest signals a significant investment in Apple’s demonstration process aimed at captivating consumers with its augmented reality VR headset.

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Try Apple Vision Pro for free

Man using Apple Vision Pro headset (Apple) (Kurt “Cyber ​​Guy” Knutson)

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Cart important points

The Apple Vision Pro demo is a unique opportunity to experience one of technology’s newest wonders without making a big purchase. Selected 30-minute sessions provide a comprehensive introduction to the headset’s features and usability, allowing you to make an informed decision about whether it’s worth the investment.

As we reported on TV, no one on the internet or on TV can show you the experience you get by applying it to your face. If you’re curious about Apple’s futuristic ventures, now’s the time to schedule a demo and experience the magic firsthand.

What excites you most about Apple’s Vision Pro headset? Does the $3,500 price put you off, or do you want to give it a try? Email us.

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