Taylor Rooks and Joy Taylor have a great partnership with Rocket Mortgage ahead of the NFL Draft

When it comes to the NFL Draft, it’s all about people witnessing their dreams come true.

The spirit of the draft suits that idea. Players work their whole lives towards the goal of reaching the NFL, and it finally happens. It all pays off.

However, dreams like this are not just the result of those directly involved. It’s clear that players need to be in the right position to be successful, but each player has a group of supporters. It’s a tribe. village. As my new friends Taylor Rooks and Joy Taylor would say, dream mates.

Thanks to our friends at Rocket Mortgage, we were able to speak with Taylor and Joy about the campaign and other notable things in the sports world ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft. Specifically here, Dream Mate’s campaign celebrates the support systems we all have to help us achieve our goals, whether it’s pursuing homeownership, starting a business, or pursuing a career in the NFL. .

As mentioned above, I also touched on dallas cowboys Joy also asked Taylor, considering what she’s said about them in the past. san antonio spurs What did you think of the genius Victor Wenbanyama and who she is? atlanta hawks Guard Trae Young could work with him in the future.

It was a fun conversation centered around a very important objective. Thanks to Taylor Rooks, Joy Taylor, and Rocket Mortgage.