Taylor Swift Fans Urge Her to ‘Break Up’ With Travis Kelce After ‘Red Flag’ Behavior at Super Bowl: ‘Not Safe’

Fans of pop star Taylor Swift are urging her to “break up” with Kansas City Chiefs football player Travis Kelce after his “red flag” behavior at the Super Bowl. “She needs to break up with him for her own safety,” one fan declared.

Viewers of Sunday night’s Super Bowl reacted to Travis Kelce lashing out at head coach Andy Reid in a sideline rant, expressed concern for Taylor Swift, and criticized the pop star. I advised him to break up with the NFL player.

One fan responded: “You can’t corner an aggressive person just because you’re annoyed.” “Taylor, darling, my dove, my lamb, this is a major red flag.”

“This man has a short temper,” said another. commented In response to a video of Kelce shoving Reed. “I’m worried about Taylor.”

“Taylor needs to break up with this man and protect her reputation. Stop blaming the NFL for her, blame the journalists…look at this lunatic.” I have written.

“Taylor Swift is clearly not safe with this man. She needs to break up with him for her own safety,” says another. reacted.

“What kind of man assaults his coach when he takes him out to play? I hope Taylor Swift breaks up with Travis Kelce after the game,” another said. advised.

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“Hey #Swifties! I speak for most of the fanbase when I say Taylor should break up with this guy, he’s assaulting men for no reason!!!!” Another said. fan of Shouted out.

“Hey, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend has toxic masculinity issues.” commented. “She needs to dump him and dedicate her next album to a breakup.”

Another fan said: “Taylor Swift needs to break up with this man before she ends up in a ‘hell’ relationship with a man like this who is prone to violent and destructive behavior.” declared.

“Yes, there will be another Taylor Swift breakup album in a few years,” said one fan. predicted.

Some fans took issue with Kelce’s postgame interview after the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory.

“You can see the exact moment Taylor Swift realized her future children would have an IQ of 27,” one Instagram user wrote while sharing a video of Kelsey being interviewed after the game. It was a moment that caused secondary embarrassment to many viewers.

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Many Instagram users took to the comments section to speculate that this was also the moment when Swift “got fed up” with her relationship with the NFL player.

urban dictionary Define “the ick” looks like this:

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“My daughter is sick,” one Instagram user commented.

“We were watching the disease unfold in real time,” said another.

“The worst part was him pushing a multi-championship head coach and his grandfather after he was ejected with one touch throughout the first half,” another speculated.

“Do you guys call this a disease?” one Instagram user asked.

One person simply said, “I miss her so much,” while another Instagram user advised, “It’s not too late to abandon Kanmusu.”

“This is the guy I dated in high school, not the guy I’m going to marry,” one person wrote.

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