Tech leaders behind ‘California Forever’ try to win over locals with 15K ‘good-paying’ jobs, massive financial incentives

The Silicon Valley tech moguls behind California's new city plans are trying to win over skeptical locals by: Providing “10 Guarantees” Wednesday's report said it was “legally binding.” News post on the project website.

The company behind the project, California Forever, has secretly purchased 52,000 acres of land near Travis Air Force Base in Solano County with plans to transform the area into a vibrant, sustainable, walkable city. There is. According to reports in August, the company has hired Andreessen Horowitz, Laurene Powell Jobs, Michael Moritz, Reid Hoffman, Patrick and John Collison, Daniel Gross, Nat Friedman and others. The company is said to be backed by some of the biggest names in the technology and financial industries. new york times report.

The company on Wednesday confirmed the group's promise to “create better-paying jobs and increase county revenue to improve schools, promote public safety, reduce homelessness, and upgrade infrastructure” by “securing the plan.” announced “10 Strong Guarantees to Fulfill.'' ”

California Forever said it would contribute to the growth of existing communities by “creating good-paying jobs.”

“By the time the population reaches 50,000 residents, the project must support the creation of at least 15,000 jobs paying at least 125% of the county's average weekly wage or growth will not occur,” the company's article said. it is written like this. Median household income in the county in 2022 was $97,037, according to U.S. Census data.

The company also promised to open up “new paths to homeownership” by providing hundreds of millions of dollars in down payment assistance. The development will primarily consist of row houses and apartment buildings.

The company will provide $400 million in down payment assistance to help Solano County residents purchase homes in new communities, including $400 million in down payment assistance to help Solano County residents purchase homes in new communities. This includes residential buildings.” “Funds can also be used to build affordable housing for low-income, very-low-income, extremely low-income, and special-needs households, including veterans, seniors, and agricultural workers. Masu.”

California Forever has committed $70 million to higher education scholarships and small business funding. It also pledged to invest $200 million to revitalize Solano County's downtown area by “renovating or constructing residential, office, retail, and other mixed-use buildings.”

As part of the Group's commitment to sustainable energy, the project includes licensing a solar power plant capable of powering approximately 1.5 million homes.

Blaze News previously reported that a major land purchase near Travis Air Force Base by Flannery Associates, the investment group behind California Forever, has raised national security concerns. The identity of the group's financial backers was unknown until the Times reported in August, leading some to believe the company had ties to China or other foreign adversaries. As a result, the U.S. Treasury Department's Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States began an investigation into the group's acquisition, which is still ongoing.

Many local residents, including Fairfield Mayor Catherine Moy, have pushed to block new urban development by elites. Mr Moi expressed concern about investors' business ties with China. Rep. John Garamendi, a California Democrat, accused the company of using “gangster strong-arm tactics” to acquire land from local small farmers.

To win over critics and quell national security concerns, California Forever “nearly doubles the size of the current buffer from 7,971 acres in the 2008 General Plan to a new total of approximately 15,000 acres.” announced plans to expand and develop the new Travis Security Zone. acre. ”

The group added: “This project will be independently paid for through taxes collected by residents' employers, without imposing new taxes or other financial obligations on Solano County residents or businesses located outside the planning area. “I won't,” he promised.

“All ten warranties are legally binding on California Forever and enforceable by the county,” the company said.

inside Press conference Announcing project details on Wednesday, California Forever CEO Jan Sramek reaffirmed the group's commitment to working with local communities and military bases.

“When we started the project, we had two roles. We knew we had to protect the base, but we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted to be a partner who could strengthen our base in the future. Please come,” Sramek said.

He noted that the project not only plans to double the base's safety buffer zone, but would also place the entire community outside of noise and potential accident zones defined by base officials. .

A vote in November will decide whether the project can move forward.

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