Texas: CBP Officers Seize $366,183 Worth Of Cocaine At Veterans International Bridge

(Photo by DENIS LOVROVIC/AFP via Getty Images)

OAN’s Avril Elfie
10:46am – Tuesday, January 30, 2024

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized $366,000 worth of cocaine at the Veterans International Bridge in Texas.


In an agency news release CBP said Monday that its officers noticed a “suspicious vehicle” while monitoring the bridge on Friday.

The vehicle, identified as a 2018 Nissan, was being driven by a “50-year-old male Texan from the United States” who was returning to the United States from Mexico when the vehicle was stopped for inspection.

“After the initial inspection, the vehicle was secondary inspected by CBP for further inspection,” the release states. “While in the secondary inspection area, CBP officers, with the assistance of a canine unit, discovered 14 packages hidden inside the vehicle. CBP officers removed the packages, which contained a total of 27.42 pounds of cocaine and It included things that would be done.”

The CBP press release further stated that the cocaine had an “estimated value of $366,183.”

Michael B. Reyes, Port Director at the Brownsville Port of Entry, told reporters that officials utilized multiple tools to conduct the inspection.

“Our officers conducted inspections using multiple enforcement tools, and their efforts led to this significant drug bust,” Reyes said.

The release also stated that the driver and passenger are currently in investigative custody of the Department of Homeland Security, and that the illegal drugs are in the custody of CBP officers.

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