The blame game: Netanyahu unfairly targeted Biden & Blinken

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is leading a fierce propaganda campaign against Netanyahu and Israel, and Mark Levin is well aware of it.

“He goes to the Middle East and beats the hell out of Israelis,” Levin said, adding, “Israelis are burned alive, pregnant women are disemboweled, babies are pulled out and executed, people He did the most horrible thing by decapitating him,” he added. .

Despite all the fears, Blinken reportedly said Israelis should not dehumanize Palestinians.

Levin believes this is an “attempt to create moral equality.”

“Instead of showing that Palestinians love life and the lives of others, we have to reduce Israeli Jews to the level of barbarians, Hamas murderers,” he says.

Meanwhile, Biden is doing everything he can to help Iran secure a nuclear weapon.

“Because of Biden and Blinken, Iran is now on the verge of nuclear weapons,” Levin said.

The only man standing in the way of their plans is Benjamin Netanyahu, which is why they are attacking him so hard.

“Netanyahu is the only man in the Middle East and even in his own country who is standing up and saying, ‘We are not going to put up with this.’ Only Netanyahu has the courage to say no to Blinken and Biden,” Levin says.

“They are trying to overthrow him. This is a coup from outside Israel,” he added.

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