The rot runs deep at NPR. This is what we must do next

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Imagine if the Federal Highway Administration spent just 11 percent of its Congressional funds on roads in red states and 67 percent of its funds on roads in blue states. Will it last long?

Of course not. Republicans and moderates in Congress will end it immediately. That would clearly be unfair to taxpayers and would be a dysfunctional way to run a federally funded highway system.

But that’s the current state of the nation’s largest public radio news organization, and that’s why I’m introducing the Defunded NPR Act.

NPR whistleblower Uli Berliner resigns: ‘I can’t work in a newsroom that’s despised’

National Public Radio (NPR) has 87 registered Democrats and 0 registered Republicans active in Washington, D.C. They were preaching to the choir in the newsroom. More than 2 in 3 NPR listeners are liberal, and just over 1 in 10 are conservative.

But U.S. taxpayers — the American people — send about $100 million a year in federal funds to NPR.lean and conservative.

Why should I pay for a radio station I don’t want to listen to? It’s good that their money isn’t being spent on conservative alternatives to NPR, but far-left radio shouldn’t be an exception.

NPR Scandal: Whistleblower Criticism Institute’s Liberal Tendency Focuses on Organization’s Federal Funding

Of course, the problem isn’t just that NPR doesn’t appeal to conservative Americans, it’s much worse than that. The crux of the problem is that NPR has contempt for the Republican Party and its values.

Hear what new CEO Katherine Maher has to say. “The biggest challenge here is [to censoring Americans] What we’re looking at, of course, is the First Amendment. ”

NPR’s new CEO’s social media posts show progressive views, support Clinton and Biden

Maher believes that “our respect for truth may be a hindrance that prevents us from finding common ground and getting things done.” Mr. Maher, who is expected to receive about $600,000 a year from American taxpayers, has openly flouted the Constitution and objective journalism, advocating the suppression of speech with which he disagrees. Of course, according to Ma, “Donald Trump is a racist.” I’m sure she feels the same way about his supporters.

Unfortunately, the corruption at NPR runs deep and there is no easy fix. Firing Maher won’t save the department, but it’s still the right thing to do.

NPR has a large DEI staff that ensures everything the station publishes is fully woke. Uli Berliner, who worked at NPR for 25 years and recently resigned, said these partisan managers surveil reporter interviewees, run “unconscious bias” training sessions, and “remove marginalized genders.” The company also hosts employee affinity groups, including an “Intersex People of Color Mentorship Program.” and a group for “women, gender-expansive, and transgender people in technology across public media.”

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NPR has long been a liberal propaganda outlet.

The last time I appeared on NPR was in 2019 during President Trump’s first impeachment hoax. I pointed out that California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, who was leading the impeachment hoax, had lied about his relationship with the putative person. The Ukrainian “whistleblower”, now known to be Eric Ciaramella. The New York Times is Report confirmation My statement on the same day as my interview.But NPR is still published. An outrageous “correction” He accused me of “misinformation” and apologized to his listeners for broadcasting the interview. Of course, NPR invited Schiff to spread lies about the Russia hoax 25 times.


In fact, NPR is just as biased, if not more so, than left-wing news outlets like CNN and MSNBC. NPR activists like Katherine Maher aren’t hiding it anymore. Their mission is to support Democratic politicians and educate the American people.

Congress shouldn’t give NPR a dime.

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