Time will tell if this is a bad Mets start or something worse

You’re a Mets fan, so not only have you learned to expect the other shoe in history to drop, but you already feel kicked in by the first shoe.

You’re a Mets fan, so you instinctively see something bad and expect something even worse. This is similar to predicting a tornado and preparing for it during a typhoon.

You’re a Mets fan, so being optimistic by your standards is the lowest level of pessimism.

So I think the last thing you want now that you’re 0-4 is to be told that every team in the majors last year had at least one four-game losing streak. 25 of the 30 teams had lost at least five games in a row. And the eventual World Series champion Rangers and National League champion Diamondbacks lost eight and nine straight, respectively, but not so early in the season. Both were on the verge of collapse and lacking confidence in August, but by October they were playing for the title.

For all you Mets fans who just passed April Fool’s Day, does that help you in any way?


Starling Marte and the Mets have struggled since the start of the season, going 0-4. Jon Jones-USA TODAY Sports

How about this. The last time the Mets lost four games to start the season, the last time he lost five games to start the season. They were led by a first-time manager who came to the position from the Yankees’ coaching staff. Coach Willie Randolph’s 2005 Mets went from 0-5 to 6-0, finishing with an 83-79 record. If such a thing had existed 20 years ago, the Mets would have been tied with the Marlins for the third wild card, but it would have actually pushed the Mets into second place. They qualified for the tournament because they won the season series.

So can Carlos Mendoza, who considered hiring Randolph as bench coach, make a similar comeback in his first year after being removed as Aaron Boone’s consigliere?

Mets fans, nothing yet?

Mets outfielder Harrison Bader (44) reacts after getting struck out against the Detroit Tigers. Jon Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Is it the combination of the Mets’ poor start to the Yankees’ strong run this season that makes it taste sourer than usual?

The Yankees were 5-0 through Monday and looking to win the first six games of a season for the first time since 1992, but that day was all those years ago, during Buck Showalter’s first year as a major league manager. By the way, these Yankees finished 10 games below .500.

Mets fans, do you understand? Do you realize how long a season is? How distorted can just his week be?

I’m not here to guarantee everything will be fine with the Mets. It’s not clear from the information provided so far. Because what we have are pixels, not images.

Are you worried about Jeff McNeil and Luis Severino? Yes. That’s because their start to 2024 was a continuation of last season’s poor performance and an incomplete start.

However, Francisco Alvarez, who will take over from 2023, has also achieved further growth in every aspect. Sean Manaea similarly had an uplifting second half for the 2023 Giants, making his dominant first start on Monday night.

Edwin Diaz is one of the Mets’ few bright spots to start the season. Corey Shipkin of the New York Post

Are you concerned about Kodai Senga’s health? Yes, it’s the shoulder joint capsule, and that body part’s injury history is especially concerning for the pitcher, and the Mets are slowly rehabilitating him in a way that screams not to say out loud about that level of concern. Because I went there. When will he be back (I would be surprised now by mid-June) and at what speed and level of effectiveness? And also Tyler Megill, who was originally named to replace him. The fact that he’s already down with a shoulder problem doesn’t really fit into the great category.

But Edwin Diaz resembles the Edwin Diaz of 2022, who was the most dominant relief pitcher in the sport. And Starling Marte at least looks like a close replica of his 2022 self, but it was hard to expect that after a disappointing spring.

Francisco Lindor and Brandon Nimmo didn’t get hit, but do you think even the big guy standing at the bottom of the ladder holding a black cat Mets fan won’t get hit? And J.D. Martinez could be on the roster as early as this Sunday, per the rules, and likely by next weekend at the latest, with 24 weeks remaining on the schedule.

Conversely, Jorge López, Johan Ramirez, and Michael Tonkin are not Lindor and Nimmo. There is no doubt that they are not Phil Bickford, Jeff Brigham, or Dominic Leone by any other name.

If you’re a Mets fan, you can see what you want. Good stuff. bad person. A combination of both. You can believe that 0-4 is revealed or illusory. But there’s not enough to know if that’s probably the most important thing, as was the case with the 1992 Yankees and his 2005 Mets. Every team is going to go 0-4 at some point this year, but it’s probably going to be worse. Good people will overcome it. Bad people don’t do that. He started the 1998 Yankees 0-3, 1-4, but does anyone remember how that ended?

I’m pretty sure we won’t see the 1998 Yankees playing the 2024 Mets. I’m not too sure if I’m looking at a bad start or a bad team.



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