Transgender Roxanne Tickle Sues Women-Only App for Denying Membership

Roxanne Tickle, a transgender woman living in Australia, is suing the women-only app Giggle for Girls, saying she was denied membership.

Sal Glover created the Giggle for Girls social media app to be a harassment-free “safe space” for women and implemented an AI-powered gender verification process to ban men from the platform. Established. In 2021, Roxanne Tickle attempted to apply, but access was revoked. He is currently suing Glover for discrimination. Ms Tickle’s lawyer, Georgina Costello, told the Federal Court in Sydney that Mr Glover was unlawfully discriminating against Ms Tickle’s gender identity.

“The evidence will show that Ms. Tickle is a woman,” Costello said. “She identifies herself as a woman. She expresses herself as a woman.”

Bridie Nolan, who represents Giggle in the lawsuit, said the app was always intended to be a safe space for women, free from “online digital violence by men.” Glover is said to have endured sexual abuse while working as a screenwriter in Hollywood, after which she underwent trauma therapy.

“The vision was to create an online shelter,” Nolan said. “It will be a place free of harassment, mansplaining, photography, stalking and aggression.”

Mr Nolan also claimed that the app did not violate sex discrimination laws, which allow for “special measures aimed at achieving equality” and “ensure equality between men and women in public life”. ”, he added.

Ms Tickle received a birth certificate from the Australian government in 2019 that said “female” after undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

“Gender is not just a biological issue; it is partly social and partly psychological,” Costello told the court. “Mr. Tickle was assigned a male gender at birth, but has changed to female, and that fact is evident in this case.”

around sydney morning heraldRepresentatives of the Australian Human Rights Commission, including Sex Discrimination Commissioner Anna Cody, support Submit submissions to the court regarding the “meaning, scope and validity of the relevant provisions of the Sex Discrimination Act”. ”

“The committee is not a party to the lawsuit and has not submitted an opinion on whether Ms. Tickle was in fact discriminated against,” the committee said in a statement.

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