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UFO expert says Harvard study about aliens disguised as humans is ‘thought experiment’

A recent paper from Harvard University and Montana Tech University speculates that an unidentified, technologically advanced group may be living secretly among humans on Earth, but UFO experts say it seems more like a “thought experiment” than an attempt to prove it.

The authors of the paper hypothesized that sightings of UFOs (UAPs), or unidentified anomalous phenomena, “may reflect the activity of intelligent life lurking on Earth or even roaming among us.”

Researchers say the creature may be disguised as a human to blend in with its surroundings and could be from Earth’s future or the descendant of intelligent dinosaurs.

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A UFO was recorded flying near the USS Omaha off the coast of San Diego in July 2019. (Jeremy Corbell/WeaponizedPodcast)

“I see this as a thought experiment, just putting some ideas out there to get away from the binary of ‘aliens or just misidentification,'” Nick Pope, who headed the UK government’s UFO program, told Fox News Digital. “They’re not claiming to have found evidence of this, but they’re trying to spark a debate about this, not just among the general public but also within the scientific and academic communities, which have traditionally been very staunchly sceptical of all this.”

The Harvard and MTU researchers acknowledged that their work may be viewed with skepticism by many, but called on the scientific community to consider their claims “with epistemological humility and an open mind.”

The scientists explained The hypothesis that there are aliens on Earth.

They believe that “remnants” of an ancient, advanced human civilization are living among humans on Earth. The researchers also spoke of the possibility of the existence of a non-human underground civilization that may be “descendants of an unknown, intelligent dinosaur.”

Third, there may be hidden Earth-bound inhabitants. Angels and fairiesterrestrial things that have traveled to Earth.

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Alien UFO Space

A paper published by Harvard University and Montana Tech University speculates that an unidentified group of technologically advanced beings may be secretly living among humans on Earth. (PhonlamaiPhoto/iStock)

Pope, who worked for the UK Ministry of Defence and analysed UFO sightings, said that despite common lore that UFOs could be spacecraft, many are just drones, satellites or other objects that are not easily identifiable.

“We looked at about 200 to 300 reports each year,” he said. “Most were false positives, but the ones that pilots saw were particularly interesting.”

The federal government has kept quiet about UFOs for decades, fueling conspiracy theories about what the government knows. Speaking at a Congressional Oversight Committee meeting on May 23, Republican Rep. Tim Burchett said: Department of Energy US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has spoken out about “suspicious occurrences” of UFOs around nuclear facilities.

she said Department of Defense It concluded that there is no evidence of UFOs or aliens.

“But there is the possibility of malicious drones out there,” Granholm said, emphasizing that safety and defensive measures are in place.

UFO UAP Hotspot Map

UFO hotspots map created by Fox News Digital with information from the Department of Defense. (Julia Bonavita/Fox News Digital based on AARO data)

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Pope said governments hide things from their citizens all the time, but it’s unclear whether they have crashed UFOs or aliens in a hangar somewhere.

“I don’t know that, but I know a lot of people believe it and take it seriously,” he said. “That’s why it’s interesting that Congress, after ignoring the issue for years, is now starting to look at it more closely. They’ve done some classified reports, but they’ve also done some public hearings. There’s no smoke without fire.”

Fox News Digital’s Sarah Rumpf-Whitten and Chris Eberhart contributed to this report.