Ukraine in ‘Serious Risk’ of Losing to Russia This Year, Says UK General

Ukraine could be completely defeated by Russia this year, a former commander of the UK Joint Forces Command has warned.

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues into its third year, the vastly outnumbered and outgunned country faces a “grave risk” of having to concede defeat to Russia, Richard says. General Barrons said. Said BBC. There is a “grave risk” that Ukraine will lose the war this year.

The former commander of the Joint Forces Command, now known as Strategic Command (StratCom), said pessimism among Ukrainians could spread, leading people to feel that the country was “unwinnable.” I warned you.

“And once you get to that point, why do people want to fight and die any longer just to protect the indefensible?” General Barrons asked.

This comes after a much-publicized Ukrainian counterattack last year failed to retake significant amounts of Russian-occupied territory despite expending huge resources and personnel during the mission. There are growing concerns that the time was only used to regroup and further invasions to seize even more land.

“At some point this summer,” General Barrons said, “we expect to see a large-scale Russian attack, and possibly small advances to try to break through the Ukrainian military lines.” It is intended to do more than move forward.”

“If that happens, there is a risk that Russian forces will break through and invade Ukrainian areas that Ukrainian forces cannot stop.”

The former JFC commander said that Russia first needs to get out of the Donbass region and consolidate control of the “annexed” territory, but then “turns to its main prey” – a second Kharkiv in Ukraine. He said it would be. -The largest city and former capital of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. The loss of such an economically and historically important city would be a serious blow to the morale of war-weary Ukrainians.

The former British commander-in-chief said the Ukrainian front in eastern Ukraine was now being “ruined” by Russian forces, who were “displaying a 5-to-1 superiority in artillery, ammunition and surplus personnel.” Stated. Enhanced with the use of new weapons. ”

Such weapons include Soviet-era so-called “dumb bombs,” which the Russian government has modified with guidance fins and GPS systems.Report from guardian It claimed this week that more than 500 modified UMPC bombs are being fired on Ukrainian targets every week and that they “played a significant role in the destruction of Ukraine.” [the eastern city of] Avdiivka and the seizure of its ruins by Russia”.

The newspaper said that the nature of the “gliding” system on board the bomb would allow Russian jets to drop the bomb up to 57 miles away from the target, thereby allowing them to attack Ukrainian jets during the bombing raid. He pointed out that his abilities were limited. The relatively cheap bomb also has an economic impact on the war, given the relatively high costs for Ukraine to shoot down a bomb with its missile defense systems.

The dire situation on the front was acknowledged this week by General Oleksandr Shirsky, the commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s armed forces, in response to warmer weather and the Russian presidential “election” that solidified Vladimir Putin’s grip on power. “The situation on the Eastern Front has deteriorated significantly.”

Mr. Shirushky continued to lobby for more arms and aid from Western countries, but amid the government’s push for a new conscription system, the Ukrainian military has been slowed in training soldiers for a showdown with the Russian military. He also acknowledged that he is likely to face problems.

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