United Airlines follows American, JetBlue in hiking bag fees

United Airlines announced Friday that it will increase fees for checked bags, following a similar move by American Airlines earlier this week.

Domestic economy class passengers will be charged a $5 surcharge from tickets booked on Saturday.

The price will now be $35 if you pay online at least 24 hours before your flight, and $40 thereafter.

The fee for a second checked bag will also increase by $5, rising to $45 in advance online and $50 at the airport.

United Airlines says premium cabin passengers, United-branded credit card holders and customers with elite status in the airline’s frequent flyer program will continue to be able to check their bags for free.

Domestic economy class passengers on United Airlines will be charged a $5 surcharge for checked baggage. AP

A United Airlines employee is handling your baggage.
United Airlines is following American Airlines and JetBlue in increasing baggage fees. AP

Earlier this week, American Airlines increased the price for the first checked bag on domestic flights from $30 to $35 if paid in advance and $40 if paid at the airport.

The price for a second bag has also increased from $40 to $45.

American Airlines also increased baggage fees on short-haul international flights.

alaska airlines It increased baggage fees for most economy passengers in January, and JetBlue followed suit earlier this month.

Baggage fees have been a reliable source of revenue for airlines since American Airlines introduced them in 2008, when jet fuel prices were skyrocketing.

2022 is the last year Full year for which statistics are availableU.S. airlines received $6.8 billion in checked baggage fees, led by American Airlines with $1.4 billion and United Airlines with $1.1 billion.



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