Vatican Court Charges Italian Journalist Critical of Pope Francis with ‘Defamation’

ROME – Vatican prosecutors have accused an Italian Catholic journalist of “defaming” Pope Francis and leaking confidential documents.

Marco Felipe Perfetti, a conservative Catholic who writes a blog Shirere non possum (“I can’t stay silent”) called The charge against him was attempted “intimidation.”

“It is a well-known fact that freedom of the press and freedom of movement are not protected within Vatican City. Shirere non possum “It has troubled and continues to trouble those who have always acted to the detriment of this nation and in their own personal interests,” the site’s editors wrote this week.

The news organization’s website claims that the Vatican informed the press, not interested parties, of the charges and initiated criminal proceedings against Marco Felipe Perfetti.

Perfetti also points out that: Shirere non possum As it is controlled by Italian nationals and residents of the Italian Republic, jurisdiction over them should lie in their place of residence and not in Vatican City.

italian daily newspaper Il Fat Quotidiano report In recent years, Shirere non possum has become “an important reference material for those who want to know the secrets and circumstances of the Roman Curia.”

Perfetti himself is a lawyer in Rome and has “many connections” within the Vatican walls, according to the article, but even though the hearing was due to begin this week, formal judicial proceedings against him have yet to be formally filed. He said he has not yet received any notification.

According to a popular U.S.-based Catholic news outlet, Exit Pillar Catholic, essentially “the man behind a well-known, well-read and well-informed church news website,” was charged with “conducting journalism.” .

Convicting a journalist for “disrespecting the Pope and exposing the dysfunction and scandals of the Diocese of Rome” involves “perhaps the worst countersign the Church can send in this day and age” , Pillar added that the Vatican should hope the charges don’t stick. We are committed to transparency and accountability. ”

This is not the first time the Vatican has threatened legal proceedings against people it considers to be hostile journalists.

In 2018, the Vatican hired International law firm Baker McKenzie forcibly executes petite Spaniard Website was shut down due to its sometimes critical tone towards aspects of the Franciscan papacy.

The company threatened to sue if Invaticana was not shut down and its “internet domain transferred to the Vatican.”