Viral video of Tennessee high school teacher fight with student

Parents are divided over who is to blame after a shocking fight between a Tennessee high school teacher and a student was captured on video and later shared online. .

The physical confrontation occurred Tuesday afternoon inside the cafeteria at Trezevant High School in Memphis.

The video shows the teacher and student looking at each other. A teacher wearing a purple shirt was seen shoving a student wearing a white shirt on four different occasions. After the teacher shoved the student a fourth time, the student escalated the situation by fist-bumping. The student then unleashes a flurry of punches at the teacher.

The teacher first tried to wrap his arms around the student, but then retaliated with a punch.

The fight is broken up by police officers.

A 16-year-old student involved in the fight said he was reacting to being shoved by a teacher.

“He was always pushing me, and I told him I didn’t need that kind of force, and I still kept walking, and he was always pushing me,” the student said. Told WHBQ. “He pushed me again and I got angry and fought back.”

Lakita Craft, the mother of the student who fought with the teacher, said school officials should have done a better job of de-escalating the situation.

Other students then joined the fight.

Shelby County Commissioner Charlie Caswell Jr. said up to 50 people were involved in the disturbance.

Another student who witnessed the fight said he believed the teacher was at fault.

An anonymous student said: WREG-TV“He pushed him away, and he shouldn’t have been so aggressive with that student.”

He added, “Teachers cannot touch students.”

The anonymous student said he participated in the fight and was subsequently suspended from Trezevant High School for his actions.

The parents agreed that the teacher was at fault for the altercation.

“Everyone has to take responsibility,” LaDarrell Young told the magazine. “If a teacher makes a move on you first, of course the student will react. “I’m not going to let anyone mess with me,” he said. Adults or other children? ”

However, another parent said the teacher had done nothing wrong and was understandably defending herself from her attacker.

“The teacher shouldn’t be punished for that. In fact, the people who started the fight, the child, should be held accountable,” said an anonymous parent.

Memphis-Shelby County Schools said in a statement that several students were detained during the scuffle. The school district said it has launched an investigation into the ugly incident and that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

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Fight breaks out between students and teacher at Trezevant High