Watters: Every time the White House lets Biden out for recess, his numbers drop

FOX News host Jesse Watters claims President Biden is a “kid” who lies and sleeps. [and] “Don’t Ask Me” from “Jesse Watters Prime Time.”

Jesse Waters: Seth Meyers takes his grandfather out for ice cream to make him feel better after forgetting his lines. please. Good job, Joe. Want a sugar cone?

Do you know who lights up for ice cream? children and the elderly. There’s a reason caregivers deliver ice cream to nursing home patients.according to Alzheimer’s Association, Ice cream is a favorite food for people with reduced functioning. “Ice cream has the power to instantly evoke pleasant emotions at the first taste of a spoonful. Ice cream erases all the negative emotions associated with irritation and creates a feeling of pleasure in the brain with every new spoonful.” It continues to stimulate the receptors.”

Biden says he hopes for a ceasefire in Gaza ‘by the end of the week’ during ice cream outing with Seth Meyers

Now, obviously, I’m not diagnosing Biden with Alzheimer’s disease, but I can see what’s going on here. They applaud when he puts on his sunglasses. They treat him to ice cream to please him.he has His little Corvette., is so proud of his toy car that he keeps a special folder next to it. No one can take those folders away. Those are my folders. he is a child He copies his homework. He lies, falls asleep, and doesn’t listen. Joey has an aviator, mint chips, and hot wheels and is happy. Are we really going to re-elect this man to America? That’s how it’s viewed in the Obama world as well.

Even Biden’s best friend Obama knows it’s over. Do you remember everything about your best friend? Isn’t it weird? He swims naked. He ends up crashing his bike. Jill is trying to get him to eat vegetables. He goes home every weekend. He is losing to Trump on every battlefield. And he is so stubborn that nothing has changed.


The latest Emerson poll shows the president losing 3 to 10 points in each battleground state. President Trump won 9 votes in Georgia.That was before Biden immigrated. Killed Laken Riley. Every time the White House sends him out for vacation, his numbers dwindle. He has to put this guy back in timeout.



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