‘Work is being done’ to potentially fix highly ridiculed MLB jerseys

MLB’s uniform debacle may be coming to an end in the future.

At least the league seems to acknowledge there is a problem.

Tony Clark, executive director of the MLB Players Association, said players’ concerns about the new uniforms, which have passed like lead balloons, have been heard and “work is being done to alleviate them.” Stated.

“I think the information and experience the players are getting on the field speaks for itself.” Clark told The Athletic. on wednesday. “And we hope that work will be done to make this issue less of a topic of discussion than it needs to be, at least based on the robust public comments to date.”

Clark did not specify what adjustments might be made, but acknowledged that “everyone is aware of the concerns.”

Dodgers designated hitter Shohei Ohtani poses for a portrait at media day
At Camelback Ranch. Mark J. Revillas-USA TODAY Sports

Since the start of spring training, players have complained relentlessly about the new uniforms designed by Nike and manufactured by Fanatics.

Complaints range from see-through pants to cheap jerseys.

Phillies star Trea Turner said. Associated Press “I know everyone hates them,” he said in early February.

MLB later revealed that changes were made to the jerseys, but the pants were changed in style and size, but were the same material and thickness as last season.

“So everyone, whether it’s the league or Nike, is aware of those concerns,” Clark said. “and [the league and Nike] They have indicated in public statements and elsewhere that they are focused on fixing what can be fixed. ”

giants pants
Casey Schmidt’s pants seemed a little too snug.

MLB told The Athletic that representatives from the league, Nike and Fanatics “visit camps to meet with all players, as they do every spring training.”

“Adjustments are being made to the jersey size, waist, inseam, length, thigh fit, pant hem, etc. The purpose of these meetings is to provide the players with the most comfortable uniform for the opening game.” ,” the statement added.

Still, players are complaining that they aren’t given as many size options as they have been with previous fittings, and that teams don’t even have as many uniform pants as they need for their spring training rosters, The Athletic reports. Reported.



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