A struggling elementary school in California paid $250,000 to an organization called “Woke Kindergarten,” which advocates messages of anti-police, anti-capitalism, anti-Israel, and disrupting whiteness.

A struggling elementary school in California paid $250,000 to a group called Walk Kindergarten, whose message includes anti-police, anti-capitalism, anti-Israel and anti-white destruction messages.

Grassbrook Elementary School in Hayward was reportedly one of the lowest performing schools in the nation. To boost test scores, a San Francisco-area elementary school hired a $250,000 Walk Kindergarten. The school took advantage of federal funding provided to help improve the nation’s lowest-performing schools.

Walk Kindergarten is self-introduction “A global abolitionist early childhood ecosystem and visionary organization that supports children, families, educators, and organizations committed to abolitionist early childhood education and the liberation of Black, gay, and transgender people.” A bright creative portal.”

The Waked program seeks to provide so-called “anti-racism” lessons to elementary school teachers.

of san francisco chronicle Walk Kindergarten’s mission is to “train teachers to confront white supremacy, break down racism and oppression, and remove barriers to learning,” he said.

Zeus Leonard, an education professor at the University of California, Berkeley, argued that the goal of Walk Kindergarten is not to indoctrinate children, but to “make politics part of the educational framework.”

However, Grassbrook teachers say the curriculum is “progressive politics and activism mixed with anti-police, anti-capitalist, and anti-Israel messages with the goal of making schools safe, fun, and supportive for all children.” It is erroneously rooted in

Tiger Craven Neely, a self-described “gay moderate” teacher, said he supports discussing racism in the classroom, but that Walk Kindergarten’s main purpose is to “disrupt whiteism” in schools. It was revealed that it was.

Craven-Neely said she was temporarily banned from her Walk Kindergarten class after asking what it meant to “subvert whiteness.”

The organization’s website says:woke up” section challenges the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, abolishes the police, eradicates borders, defunds all militaries, abolishes currency, eliminates landowners, and diverts U.S. aid from Israel to rebuilding Palestine. He proposes radical ideas such as:

Walk Kindergarten’s website has a “Wake Up Word of the Day” section that teaches young children about ceasefires, labor strikes, anti-racism, and protests.

The features of the website are guide It’s called “So You Can Join the Protest! A Sensory Guide for Kids.” The children’s guide features images of protests calling for “Free Palestine,” Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, and prison abolition. Guides offer children advice on how to protest, including “speaking the truth,” wearing sunglasses and head coverings, and chanting. The guide has an image that says, “Police don’t keep us safe.”

There is also a section titled “.Lil Comrade Combos” and “teach about palestine. ”

The founder of Walk Kindergarten is Akiea “Ki” Gross. He is a self-described “abolitionist early educator, cultural organizer, and creator who is currently innovating ways to resist, heal, liberate, and create,” and goes by the pronoun “they.”

In fact, after adopting Walk Kindergarten, the school’s academic performance declined.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “English and math scores hit record lows last spring, with less than 4% of students proficient in math and just under 12% at grade level in English, a drop of about 4 percentage points in each category. I did,” the report said.

Grassbrook Elementary School also remained on the state’s watch list and actually fell to a lower level.

School district officials attempted to defend the decision to adopt Walk Kindergarten, arguing that the program was not adopted to improve academic performance and that attendance increased by nearly 20 percent.

Hayward Unified School District Superintendent Jason Lyman told the Chronicle that Walk Kindergarten “helps students feel safe and is all part of academic achievement,” but the program admitted it was costing “more money than we wanted to spend.”

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