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American Airlines plane aborts take-off to avoid landing flight at Reagan National Airport

An American Airlines plane was forced to suddenly abort takeoff at the last minute on Wednesday to avoid a collision with a private jet that was landing at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Virginia, authorities said.

The near miss occurred just after the Boston-bound plane was given the go-ahead by air traffic controllers around 10:30 a.m., marking the second close call at Arlington airport in just over a month.

The plane was already reaching about 100 mph when air traffic controllers noticed a King Air private jet was attempting to land on an intersecting runway.

According to an audio recording of the conversation, air traffic controllers told the smaller plane to turn around and not land, but the jet had already landed.

The near miss occurred after the American Airlines plane was cleared for takeoff on Wednesday at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Virginia. WCVB Television

“American Airlines Flight 2134, clearance to take off cancelled. Zero, alpha, alpha, go around, go around,” the controller said. Boston 25.

The American pilot quickly replied, “Reject takeoff,” before the private jet pilot said, “Zero, alpha, alpha, you can’t turn, we’re already on the ground.”

The Federal Aviation Administration said it was investigating the close call, the second to occur at Reagan National Airport outside Washington, DC, in the past few weeks.

“Air traffic controllers revoked American Airlines Flight 2134’s clearance to take off because another aircraft had been cleared to land on an intersecting runway,” the FAA said in a statement.

The AA plane was already reaching about 100 mph when air traffic controllers noticed a King Air private jet attempting to land on the intersecting runway. AFP via Getty Images

“The FAA will be investigating.”

The American Airlines plane returned to the gate where maintenance crews conducted a several-hour inspection.

The plane eventually took off again about four and a half hours later.

The plane took off again an hour and a half later. AFP via Getty Images

This came after a JetBlue flight bound for Boston was forced to abort takeoff on April 16 after a Southwest Airlines plane encroached on the runway at Reagan National Airport.

“JetBlue 1554, stop! 1554, stop!” a controller could be heard yelling during the incident. The Southwest Airlines pilot responded: “We’re stopped. We’ve got clearance to cross runway four.”

Both planes braked hard at the last moment, leaving the planes just 400 feet apart.