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Biden Backs Internal Revolt in Netanyahu Government over Postwar Gaza

President Joe Biden is backing a revolt within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government over the fate of the post-war Gaza Strip, after Defense Minister Yoav Gallant vowed to oppose long-term Israeli rule.

In an unexpected televised speech, Gallant said he opposed Israeli military or civilian rule in post-Hamas Gaza and wanted it to be ruled by non-terrorist Palestinians with the support of Arab states.

Mr. Gallant said (emphasis in original, translation provided by the Israeli Government Press Office):

Ending military operations must be accompanied by political action. A “day after Hamas” will only be achieved if Palestinian groups, accompanied by international actors, take control of Gaza and establish an alternative governance system to Hamas rule. This is above all in the interest of the State of Israel.

Unfortunately, this issue was never discussed, but what’s worse is that [a]n No alternative was proposed in its place.

Indecision is essentially indecision, which leads in a dangerous direction that promotes the idea of ​​Israeli military and civilian rule in Gaza.

I have to say it again – I do not agree with the establishment of Israeli military control in Gaza. Israel must not establish civilian rule in Gaza.

The responsibility for dismantling Hamas and maintaining full freedom of operation in the Gaza Strip lies with the defense establishment and the Israel Defense Forces. But it depends on the creation of governance alternatives in Gaza. That rests on the shoulders of the Israeli government and all its various agencies.

Its implementation will shape Israel’s security for decades to come.

I call on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [t]o Decide and declare that Israel will not establish civilian control over the Gaza Strip. Israel will not establish military rule in the Gaza Strip, And that an alternative governing body to Hamas in the Gaza Strip would be established immediately.

The Biden administration, which has been promoting Palestinian Authority rule in Gaza during the post-war transition to a Palestinian state, praised Gallant’s remarks.era of israel report:

“We share the Minister of Defense’s concern that Israel has not developed a plan to retain and govern the territory reclaimed by the IDF, thereby allowing the resurgence of Hamas in the region. This is concerning because it is about defeating Hamas,” a senior Biden administration official told The Times of Israel in a statement.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has discussed Gaza’s possible future as a Palestinian-run trade and commercial center, albeit without formal sovereignty, in somewhat utopian terms. In response to a question from Breitbart News on Wednesday before Gallant’s speech, the Israeli government said formal plans for “the next day” would have to wait for the defeat of Hamas.

Prime Minister Netanyahu himself answered In a speech on Wednesday, Galan said he would not allow Gaza, formerly known as Hamastan, to become Fatahistan, a term referring to the political party that runs the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

(As Breitbart News reported on Tuesday, citing Israel’s Channel 7, Fatah claims it took part in the October 7 attack and the Palestinian Authority continues to subsidize and glorify terrorism.) )

Meanwhile, far-right politicians called for Gallant’s removal from government. Netanyahu’s main rival, Benny Gantz, who serves alongside him in the national emergency government, defended Gallant, while opposition leader Yair Lapid said the government was in disarray.

Retired Brigadier General Amir Abibi, a popular conservative voice, is known for pressuring the civilian leadership to develop a plan for the post-war Gaza Strip, and Mr. Gallant and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Helge He reprimanded Mr. Halevi.

Abibi declared (in Hebrew) that Hamas must be defeated militarily before any discussion of postwar governance can be had.

“Building an alternative takes time. You have to take responsibility. [Gaza] Stripping, also for humanitarian aid [situation].nothing to do [about that]. …But not now! Now we have to win! ”

As expected, Hamas claimed He said the political turmoil was a sign that Israel was losing the war in Gaza and that terrorists were winning.

Mr. Gallant has publicly attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the past, most notably in March 2023, when the defense minister criticized Mr. Netanyahu’s judicial reforms while the prime minister was abroad and street protests were escalating. This is when he publicly expressed his opposition to the

The White House has supported Mr. Gallant, Mr. Gantz, and Mr. Lapid, who have challenged Netanyahu. The current crisis did not appear to have been caused by any specific event at all, but may reflect the Biden administration’s dissatisfaction with Israel’s attacks on Hamas in Rafah, which the United States opposed.

In the face of Israel’s determination to attack Hamas in Rafah, where the terrorist group’s last battalion is based, the White House minimized the crisis by insisting that the Israeli attack was not yet a “large-scale” operation. While trying to contain the situation, some shipments of weapons have been put on hold. Even though it continues to expand.

Breitbart News noted that Israel could face the prospect of a so-called “color revolution” with the support of the Biden administration, which has rebelled against Netanyahu’s government since its election in November 2022.

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