Biden Iran envoy put classified documents on hacked personal email, phone: GOP lawmakers

Republican lawmakers say President Biden’s suspended special envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, stored sensitive material on his personal email account and cell phone that was later accessed by “hostile cyber actors.” Revealed “troubling suspicions.”

Republican leaders on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday accused the State Department of secretly putting them on unpaid leave last June and having their security clearances suspended, which is said to be central to the State Department investigation. requested confirmation of the charges against Mr. Marley. Possibility of mishandling of confidential information.

The State Department has refused to reveal the exact nature of the allegations against Murray, and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member James Risch (R-Idaho) and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Idaho) , Texas) to launch its own investigation into the allegations against Biden. Iran’s top diplomat.

Murray has been on leave from the State Department since last year. AP

“Due to the State Department’s evasion and lack of transparency, we have sought to gather information from other sources,” Risch and McCall said in a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken. . Obtained by Washington Post. “Our own investigation revealed the following information and troubling allegations. We ask that you review the information we have learned.”

“Specifically, it is our understanding that the disclosure of confidential information was suspended because Mr. Murray is suspected of forwarding confidential documents to a personal email account and downloading these documents to a personal mobile phone. “There are,” Risch and McCall wrote.

“It is unclear who he intended to provide these documents to, but it is believed that hostile cyber attackers were able to access his email and phone and obtain the information that was downloaded.” they added.

Lawmakers asked Mr. Blinken to provide more information about the amount of documents Murray allegedly had on his personal devices and their level of confidentiality.

They also asked whether Mr. Murray attempted to send classified information to anyone without security clearance, among other questions related to the State Department and FBI’s ongoing investigation into the matter. They also wanted to know whether Iran was involved in the suspicions.

“The allegations we are aware of are deeply troubling and demand immediate answers,” Risch and McCall wrote.

“These allegations have serious national security implications, and people must be held swiftly and forcefully to account,” they added.

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Sen. James Risch and Rep. Michael McCaul called the allegations against Biden administration officials “extremely disturbing.” AP

A State Department spokesperson told the Post on Tuesday that Murray remains on leave and that the State Department is providing information to Congress regarding personnel investigations related to Iran policy.

A spokesperson declined to comment on the specific allegations made by Risch and McCall.

In 2015, the FBI opened a criminal investigation against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for conduct similar to the charges against Murray.

Clinton was found to have stored tens of thousands of emails on different unsecured private servers during her time at the State Department. Among them were 81 email chains that discussed classified information and seven emails that referred to classified material that was determined to be Top Secret/Special Access at the program level.

The FBI determined that Ms. Clinton was “extremely careless” and that a hostile person may have accessed her personal email account, but she was not charged with any crime.