‘Cancer On The American Dream’: John Kennedy Rips ‘Bidenomics,’ Compares Biden’s Polls To ‘Chlamydia’

Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy criticized Bidennomics on Fox News Monday, comparing President Joe Biden’s poll numbers to common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Kennedy appeared on “Hannity” to discuss the current economic crisis facing Americans as inflation continues to impact voters’ wallets. Fox host Sean Hannity asked the Louisiana senator for his thoughts on Biden’s “blame shift” for the economic crisis, noting that Americans spend a large portion of their income on just food. (Related: John Kennedy slams Biden officials before hitting him with ginger: ‘Trying to defend fungal infection’)

“Big Oil’s fault, big corporations’ fault. The border is not his fault, nothing is his fault,” Hannity said. “It’s all Trump’s fault. The border is secure, but now it’s the Republicans’ fault. Given these numbers, Americans are spending more on food than at any point in the last 30 years, spending more of their income on food. Senator, I think those people are seeing and feeling the real impact of Bidenomics in real time. Can they get away with this shift of responsibility? ”

“Sean, I didn’t think President Obama was a very good president, but compared to what Biden is now, President Obama was just a shoplifter,” Kennedy responded. “President Biden stole the entire bank. President Biden’s inflation doesn’t just hurt people, it hurts businesses.” Shrinkflation is when businesses raise prices because their costs have risen as a result of inflation. It occurs when there is a need, but people are afraid to raise the price for fear of not buying the product. Therefore, you can save costs by making smaller products. ”

“Unless you’ve been homeschooled as a daytime drinker, you’ll know that shrinkflation and inflation are two sides of the same coin,” Kennedy continued. “Any economist, any reputable economist who doesn’t have a degree at Costco, will tell you that President Biden’s economic policies have caused both inflation and shrinkflation. Now I don’t hate anyone. , President Biden is among them, but when he tries to blame shrinkflation and inflation on small business people, he needs to consider the causes.”

“There’s a lot of attention right now on Biden’s age,” Kennedy continued. “Sure, it takes him longer to walk across the stage than it takes a trip to Jupiter. But we can’t overlook the fact that his economic policies were reliably wrong almost every time. No. His inflation is a cancer on the American dream. And the American people know it, so if you believe the polls, the president has the highest rate of chlamydia. .”

Recent data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows that Americans will spend about 11.3% of their personal disposable income on food alone in 2022. The spike in spending is the highest level since 1991, when it rose 11.4% during President George H.W. Bush’s term, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Since the implementation of the Biden administration’s economic policies, dine-in prices have increased by an average of 5% in 2023, compared to an 11.4% year-over-year increase and an average annual increase of 2.5% in 2023. Over the past 20 years, according to the USDA. Biden’s inflation price peaked at 9.1% year-over-year in June 2022 and has never fallen below 3%.



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