Cassie’s lawyer criticizes Diddy’s ‘disingenuous’ apology video as stars react to hotel assault statement

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Kathy’s lawyers said music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs was arrested after a video circulated in 2016 showing Combs punching his then-girlfriend in a Los Angeles hotel hallway. He fired back at him after he tried to apologize for his actions.

Meredith Firetog, a partner at the law firm Wigdor LLP, which represents Ventura, told Fox News Digital that Combs’ latest statement is more about himself than it is about the many people he has hurt. ” he said.

“When Kathy and several other women came forward, he denied everything and suggested that the victims were looking for a paycheck. Only after repeated denials were proven false did he deny everything. The fact that he had to apologize shows his pathetic desperation, and no one will ever apologize.” His insincere words upset me. ”

Combs broke his silence on Sunday about the eight-year-old video, which only began circulating on Friday, saying, “The actions in that video are inexcusable.”

Sean Diddy Combs responds to video of him allegedly punching Cassie: ‘I’m disgusted’

Cathy’s lawyers fired back at Combs’ apology video shared on Sunday. (Getty Images)

In an exclusive clip According to CNN, The rapper was spotted running through a hotel hallway with a towel over his head. Moments earlier, Cassie (Cassandra Ventura) was also walking down the same hallway toward the elevator with a bag in her hand.

When Combs arrived at the elevator, he grabbed Kathy by the neck and threw her to the ground. Combs then kicked her twice, took her bag and dragged her into the hallway, where he returned to the same spot so she could use her phone.

WATCH: Sean Diddy Combs assaults Cassie in 2016 Los Angeles hotel incident

Combs was then seen sitting near Kathy and throwing a vase of flowers at the wall where the phone was mounted.

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“It’s very difficult to reflect on the darkest times in your life, but sometimes you have to. I was fed up – I hit rock bottom – but I don’t make excuses,” he said. “My actions in that video are unacceptable. I take full responsibility for my actions in that video.”

“I hated it when I did it. I hate it now. I went and got professional help. I went to therapy and started going to rehab,” Combs admitted.

“I had to ask God for mercy and grace. I’m so sorry. But I try to be a better person every day. I’m not asking for forgiveness. I’m so sorry. ”

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But the rapper’s words fell on deaf ears. Aubrey O’Day, former frontman of the girl group Danity Kane and an outspoken critic of Combs, slammed his apology video.

“Diddy didn’t apologize to Cassie. He apologized to the world for seeing what he did,” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

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“He says, ‘I’m disgusted with myself now, and I was disgusted with myself then.'” But apparently he took this statement to call her a liar and said that he was too self-centered to deny everything. They don’t seem to be disgusted with themselves…God and mercy leave them alone. They won’t be here any time soon, and you know it.”

Aubrey O'Day slams Diddy's apology

Aubrey O’Day wasn’t satisfied with Combs’ apology. (Instagram/Aubrey O’Day)

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O’Day attached the comment to Combs’ initial denial of the allegations after Kathy filed a long-running sexual abuse lawsuit against her ex-girlfriend in November. The day after she filed suit, they settled the case for an undisclosed amount.

Combs’ other longtime enemy, 50 Cent, also joined in to let the “Mo Money, Mo Problems” rapper know how he felt about the apology.

50 Cent wrote, “This isn’t going to work. Who’s advising him now? Bad behavior from SMH.”

Didi and Cassie sitting on the couch

Cathy claimed in a November filing that she endured more than a decade of abuse at the hands of Sean “Diddy” Combs. (Getty Images)

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After the video was released on Friday. Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office issued a statement confirming that it is “impossible” for rap artists to be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations.

“As of today, law enforcement has not filed a case related to the attack on Mr. Combs depicted in the video, but anyone who was a victim or witness to the crime is encouraged to contact law enforcement. “We encourage you to contact police or seek assistance from our Office of Victim Services,” the prosecutor’s office wrote online.

In March, Combs’ homes in Los Angeles and Miami Raid by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) authorities In connection with a federal human trafficking investigation. It is unclear whether Combs is the subject of a federal investigation.

Aerial footage of Sean Combs' Los Angeles mansion being attacked

Sean Combs’ LA home was searched by Homeland Security authorities in March. (Getty Images)

HSI officers stand outside Didi's home at night with a police K9.

HSI authorities also raided his home in Miami on March 25th. (Getty Images)

Combs’ attorney, Aaron Dyer, called the raid a “gross abuse.” Military level troops he said in a statement provided to FOX News Digital at the time.


In addition to Dickerson-Neal’s lawsuit, Combs is also being sued by Lisa Gardner, Jane Doe, and music producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones. Combs denied each allegation.