D-Day: Everything you need to know about the historic World War II battle

The Normandy coast became a battlefield during World War II in the struggle to liberate France and all of Europe from Nazi German rule. The invasion, which included land, navy and air forces, was successful in gaining a foothold for the Allies in German-occupied Western Europe, but at the cost of thousands of soldiers’ lives. […]

Virginia man identified as victim of deadly Maine hotel fire

close video Fox News Flash Top Headlines for June 5th Here are the top headlines from Fox News Flash. Check out what people are clicking on at Authorities in Maine said Monday that the man who died in the hotel fire has been identified and is still under investigation. Body found during fire investigation […]

Florida mother fatally shot in neighborhood feud over playing children

A two-and-a-half-year neighborhood brawl over children’s play ended with the shooting death of a mother in Florida, officials said Monday. Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said at a news conference Monday that police officers responding to a trespassing call to an Ocala home found Azike Owens with gunshot wounds on Friday night. . A 35-year-old […]

US Postal Service reveals states where mail carriers faced most dog attacks in 2022

According to the U.S. Postal Service, more than 5,300 postal workers nationwide were attacked by dogs while delivering mail in 2022. Last Thursday, the USPS released the numbers in its national ranking of dog bites ahead of National Dog Bite Awareness Week. FILE: A United States Postal Service (USPS) employee exits a Grumman long-life vehicle. […]

Georgia couple’s foster dog found fatally shot in neighborhood

A couple in Georgia want to know why someone shot and killed a dog they raised for a local animal rescue after it escaped from their backyard. Victoria and Glenn Carlson have been fostering an American foxhound named Harvey since January. They found the lop-eared hound burrowing under the fence of his Savannah home last […]