Cohen: Trump’s ‘super ego’ has been deflated by $454 million legal fees

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, said he believes Trump’s “superego” has shrunk after receiving the hefty order and doubling his legal fees.

CNN’s Laura Coates asked Cohen on Thursday’s show if he found it embarrassing that his former boss, businessman Judge Arthur Engoron, was currently sentenced to more than $454 million. Ta. exterior on the network.

“Of course he’s embarrassed, because his entire net worth, the repetition of, ‘I’m worth at least 10 billion, maybe more,’ is obviously his ego, his super-ego. And it’s very chilling because now it’s not true at all,”’ Cohen said.

Cohen went on to say that it was “not that long ago” that Trump was on the stand in a civil fraud case in New York, and that Trump is worth “billions of dollars.” “It’s very, very valuable.” Very cash rich. ”

“Well, we know that’s another lie told by President Trump,” Cohen said.

Engoron ordered President Trump to pay about $355 million, plus interest on penalties, after revealing that the former president conspired to alter his net worth to collect tax and insurance benefits. The total judgment increases by nearly $112,000 in interest every day, bringing him to more than $454 million at the time of writing.

Trump’s lawyers said in a court filing Wednesday that it would be “impossible” to secure bail that would cover the entire amount. New York Attorney General Letitia James (D), who filed the lawsuit against Trump, said she would seize some of Trump’s assets if she cannot cover the costs of the judgment.

President Trump asked the New York Court of Appeals to suspend enforcement of the penalty and indicated he would post bail at $100 million until the proceedings proceed.

Cohen said “everyone needs to be watching” where President Trump will get the money to pay his judgment.

“What we really need to be careful about is [for] It’s about where the money comes from. Will it come from Saudi Arabia? Will it be provided in some way by back channels from President Putin or another dictator who is said to be a friend of Donald Trump? ” Cohen said. “That’s the most important thing, because it puts America’s national security at risk.”

Trump’s net worth is notoriously unclear, but estimates place it at between $2.6 billion and $3.1 billion. Engoron’s ruling comes after Trump was ordered to pay author E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million in 2019 for defaming her when she denied allegations of sexual assault. It is something. The total fines for the two cases amount to $438.1 million.

Cohen warned that Trump, the current Republican front-runner, risks returning to the White House with financial debt. Cohen argued that Trump is “for sale” and that the country should be wary of his re-election. He also predicted that President Trump would have to give up his assets to pay off the judgment.

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