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De-transitioner warns shareholders that Disney will pay a price for ‘stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariels’

Victims of so-called “gender-affirming care” notified Disney shareholders on Wednesday that the company could soon face lawsuits over its support for employee genital mutilation. Chloe Cole, a woman who has been permanently scarred by gender ideology, further emphasized the importance of the company considering providing benefits to those seeking to ‘de-transition’.

Awakened company

The Walt Disney Company has worked hard to secure its position and earn the admiration of LGBT radicals.
Full score Since 2007, we have been included in the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index.

The giant corporation has demonstrated its ideological compliance in a variety of ways.

Not only is Disney ignoring its position to discourage lawmakers from enforcing the will of their constituents and protecting parental rights; covers travel expenses An employee killing his or her own unborn child. For the children who were finally allowed to live, Disney said,Benefits of gender affirmation. ”

Therefore, Disney helps its employees, their spouses, and children undergo sex reassignment excisions, selective mastectomies, and devastating hormone treatments.

The company does so even when:

  • So-called experts from the World Association of Transgender Health Professionals — the organization that created authoritative guidelines guide When it comes to ‘gender-affirming care’, revelations reveal private admissions that children cannot provide informed consent and that gender reassignment surgery can have nightmarish consequences. .
  • England’s National Health Service has stressed that there is little evidence that there is any upside to the use of puberty blockers in minors.
  • Finland’s leading child psychiatrist Rittakertu Kartiala emphasized that most children can overcome the delusion that their gender does not match theirs.and
  • The core argument that gender ideologues use to justify transsexual mutilation has been shown to be completely false.

patient with scar

Chloe Cole, 19, knows firsthand how dire treatment covered by Disney’s employee benefits can be.

“I started taking puberty blockers and testosterone at age 13,” Cole told the Florida Board of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine Joint Rules and Legislation Committee in 2022. “I started taking puberty blockers and testosterone at age 13. At age 15, I had a double mastectomy, which removed my breasts. I had a nipple transplant,” he said. Yet, at age 16, many years after medically transitioning, I found myself deeply regretting my transition. ”

“I want to be a mother someday, but I cannot feed my future children naturally. My breasts were beautiful and now they are being incinerated for free. Thank you modern medicine. ” Cole said.

The victim of gender ideology, who at the time found herself with scars on her chest and persistent bleeding from her nipples, is now a patient advocate for gender ideology.
do no harm. DNH represents health care professionals, patients, and policy makers passionate about eliminating identity politics and gender ideology from health care institutions.

In addition to raising awareness about the impact of “gender-affirming care,” Cole also
took legal action Kaiser Permanente game, Blame A facility that performed experimental and cutting treatments and her former doctors.

General meeting of shareholders

Cole was called to Disney’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday to highlight the outcome of the proceedings and the potential for legal implications in the near future.

“Disney pays for gender transition intervention but not gender detransition care. Therefore, the company discriminates on the basis of gender identity under EEOC regulations,” Cole said. Ta. “I speak from personal experience as someone who was deceived and physically harmed at an early age by gender ideology, legitimized by the medical industry, and forced upon the public by companies like Disney.”

Cole detailed how, as a minor, she was given irreversible puberty-blocking drugs and underwent a double mastectomy.

“My body was irreparably damaged and years later my chest is still bandaged,” Cole continued. “Doctors have abandoned me. Now they look at me and shrug.”

Additionally, Cole said she has filed a lawsuit against “the professionals who steered me into destructive behavior that left me with permanent scars.”

“But Disney, in its arrogance, responded to our proposal by stating that I was just trying to ‘get attention’ for a ‘limited agenda.’” Mr. Iger, Disney “On your watch, we are advancing a ‘limited agenda’ of gender ideology,” Cole continued. “Disney told us we could be something we could never be, and he became Ursula, stealing the voices of thousands of little Ariels around the world.”

“Litigation is coming, sir. It’s only a matter of time before current and former employees whose bodies and lives have been irreparably harmed show up at your door demanding justice and compensation,” Cole said. added.


Cole ended the call by asking shareholders to consider “the gender pay gap and the risks associated with it.”
suggestion Provided by the National Law and Policy Center.

The proposal calls for Disney to investigate whether its benefit policies are discriminatory against detransitioners.

Specifically, the Board of Directors is required to issue a report by December 31 on disparities in compensation and medical benefits, including related reputational, competitive, operational, and litigation risks. should also include ways to address discomfort and detransition care that transcend gender categories. risks associated with recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce; ”

shown The company’s board said it opposed the proposal because it was “intended to serve the special interests of the proponent.”

The board unsuccessfully sought permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this year to remove the proposal from consideration at the annual meeting.

I got it. “In addition to the inherent discriminatory foundations that Disney has established within its compensation policies and programs, the company’s affirmation of gender ideology and gender-transition health insurance opens the door to significant reputational and legal risk,” the response filed with the SEC states. It’s opening up,” he said. The converts’ litigiousness may have reached its limit now, but the diversity-obsessed company must prepare for an eventual flood of lawsuits from angry and hurt current and former employees. be. ”

Cole was able to bring the proposal before shareholders, but the Huffington Post
shown They ultimately rejected it.

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