Domestic Support for Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on the Rise

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s domestic approval ratings are rising as Israel’s war against Hamas progresses, according to poll numbers released Tuesday.

Israel’s Channel 14 published on Tuesday night the results of a survey conducted by Direct Polls, which showed that if elections were held now, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud party would receive 28 mandates, which would be the first of 7 October. It was the highest number since the genocide and the most brutal attack on Jews. Nazi Holocaust.

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Joel B. Pollack/Breitbart News

In the presidential contest between Prime Minister Netanyahu and his longtime rival Benny Gantz, Netanyahu secured 47% of all supporters, to Gantz’s 34%. Gantz’s National Unity Party received 26 mandates in Channel 14’s latest poll.

Channel 14 and Direct Polls last published investigation The poll showed the Likud party with 27 seats and Gantz’s party with 26 seats.

Results as Prime Minister of Israel swore Israel will achieve complete victory over the terrorist organization Hamas within months, not years.

On Monday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) released Footage of a daring nighttime raid that successfully rescued two Israeli hostages in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

Attention: Israel Defense Forces releases video of hostage rescue in Rafah, Gaza

israel defense forces

The rescue operation was described by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “one of the most successful” in Israeli history. charged Israel’s morale has increased after four months of fighting against Hamas.

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