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Donald Trump to Court Black Voters in Detroit Saturday

Former President Donald Trump is headed to Detroit, Michigan on Saturday to rally support among the city’s black voters.

“Saturday’s roundtable will be held at 180th Church, 13660 Stansbury Road, on Detroit’s west side.” Reports of Detroit News“Doors will open at 1pm. The event will start around 4pm.”

“President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, will visit Detroit and hear from community members,” a statement from the Trump campaign said. “President Trump will discuss how Joe Biden has let down the great people of Detroit and the state of Michigan.”

The article adds:

Lorenzo Sewell, senior pastor of Detroit’s 180 Church, said Monday night that Saturday’s rally had been planned 72 hours in advance. Sewell said the church, which has about 300 members, is open to any political leaders who want to hear about “the suffering and injustice in the communities that we serve.”

“We may not all vote the same, but we are all called to love the same,” Sewell said.

Trump lost Michigan was won by Joe Biden in 2020 by 51-49 percent, or about 154,000 votes, due to fraud. Biden also reportedly won Detroit to Trump’s 240,936 votes. 12,654 — 94 to 5 percent.

So why should Trump care?

There are a number of reasons, all of which are sensible.

First, Trump won Michigan by 0.3 percentage points in 2016, but the polling average Indicated Harridan Clinton rose 3.6 percent.

That means Trump could win again, and current polls show show The most intense race. So…

Every vote counts in Michigan, and if Trump can win a few thousand more votes in Detroit than he did last time, that could make a big difference.

Second, Trump is the first Republican in my lifetime who has had the moral courage to tell the truth about how the fascist Democrats have failed Black America for decades. Nothing has gotten better for Black America in the last 60 years, and weaklings named Bush, McCain, and Romney barely tried to make this case. They basically decided it was impossible to win over Black America. They were also intimidated by the corporate media hype designed to scare Black America into joining them. They tried a few times, but after a few protesters showed up, they never tried again.

Basically, in collaboration with the Democrats, every time the Republicans tried to win over the black vote, the corrupt media attacked them as racists and tried to alienate them, and it worked.

That’s not the case with Trump.

Trump has been fearless in his appeal to black Americans, but like any political movement, it will take time to see results. But the strength of his support among black voters, especially black men, shows that he is already seeing results.

And there’s the impact of these efforts on voters other than black Americans. Swinging voters, in particular, like to see candidates take seriously voters who don’t vote for them. It sends the message that this person wants to be everyone’s president. Making a serious effort to court black voters in Detroit might not bring in a ton of new black voters, but it might persuade some white independents to vote for Trump.

And there’s the simple fact that Trump has a real reason to make his case: Black Americans, especially in the areas of jobs and wages, began to thrive under then-President Trump’s domestic policies. Black unemployment plummeted to record lows and black wages soared. Life is much better than it was under Biden, and Trump should use every opportunity to make that point to Biden.

Finally, Trump’s efforts to win over black voters will force Biden to spend valuable campaign time trying to win over the black vote he takes for granted — putting his opponent on the defensive.

In every way, morally and politically, Trump is doing the right thing here. Imagine how different the political climate would be today if Bush, McCain or Romney had shown similar concern, courage and strategic wisdom. obtain Black vote.

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