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Industry commentators have speculated that the BlackRock ETF’s application for XRP will take place after the resolution of the SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit.

Renowned crypto industry commentator Ashley Prosper has predicted when BlackRock will file for an XRP spot-based exchange traded fund (ETF).

In a recent post, Prosper claimed that it is a well-known fact that BlackRock will eventually launch an XRP ETF. Therefore, he expects top asset managers to apply to list XRP ETFs after the lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple is resolved.

He noted that BlackRock intends to launch an XRP ETF regardless of how the case ends, whether through a settlement or Judge Annalisa Torres’ final ruling.

Prosper’s remarks come days after former Ripple director Sean McBride predicted the crypto community would see an XRP ETF either this year or in 2025.

Ripple lawsuit nears resolution

It is worth mentioning that the SEC vs. Ripple legal battle has caused significant damage to XRP. Despite Judge Annalisa Torres declaring XRP not a security, several companies have distanced themselves from it.

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At the moment, the case is in the relief stage. Legal briefs are expected to be submitted next month, and top experts believe a resolution could be submitted by the end of the year.

The likelihood that the case will be sent to the Second Circuit remains uncertain. If the lawsuit resolves as speculated, it could pave the way for the potential launch of an XRP ETF in the United States, should the prediction come true.

Discussion of a potential XRP ETF vortex

Meanwhile, following the launch of multiple Bitcoin spot-based ETFs in January, there has been discussion about the prospect of similar products being rolled out for XRP.

These discussions recently emerged after Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said the potential launch of multiple spot-based ETFs centered around various tokens, including XRP, is inevitable. It has increased.

However, when asked if Ripple is in talks with top asset managers like BlackRock about the possible launch of an XRP ETF, he gave an economic answer.

“I’m not going to comment on that. I know BlackRock has said some things publicly.” Garlinghouse said in an interview with Bloomberg’s Kylie Reintz.

Despite declining to comment on the matter, Garlinghouse noted that BlackRock rolling out an XRP ETF makes sense for the community.

BlackRock is expected to launch an XRP ETF

BlackRock has been at the center of discussions regarding the possible launch of an XRP ETF. This comes after a fake XRP ETF application from an asset management company went to ICIS in Delaware last year. The company quickly rejected the application as a fake.

However, BlackRock has since become embroiled in controversy regarding the product’s prospects for launch.Monaka interview In a conversation with Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino last year, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink declined to discuss the company’s plans to launch an XRP ETF in the future.

Fink’s response sparked speculation that BlackRock was considering launching an XRP ETF, but Gasparino denied these claims in a follow-up tweet.

Gasparino, citing a source with direct knowledge of the matter, said the company has no plans to launch an XRP ETF. He emphasized that the July ruling places XRP in a gray area, suggesting that the ruling suggests that XRP is both unsafe and partially secure.

It remains to be seen whether BlackRock will apply to launch an XRP ETF after the lawsuit is resolved.

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