Horace Cooper Rips Dem Mayor For ‘Outrageous’ Actions Following Chaotic Town Hall Meeting

Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper ripped Democratic Mayor Tiffany Henyard for her “outrageous” actions Wednesday on Fox News following a town hall meeting with her constituents that erupted into chaos on Monday.

Cooper appeared on “Hannity” to discuss the recent town hall meeting in Dolton, Illinois where residents confronted Henyard over allegations from a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) probe claiming the mayor allegedly misused hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for personal lavish trips and security overtime.

Fox host Sean Hannity questioned Cooper on his thoughts regarding Henyard’s allegations, as well as her treatment of residents who attempted to confront her. (RELATED: ‘How Dare You’: Chaos Erupts After Scandal-Plagued Dem Mayor Locks Residents Out Of Town Hall Meeting)

“Well, she definitely brings new meaning to the Chicago way. This is remarkable – using her position as mayor to weaponize law enforcement if there are community businesses that are raising legitimate questions about the priorities of the use of public tax dollars. That is not what is supposed to happen in America. Mayors are supposed to be servants of the people and, as Kevin Corke noted, we’re talking about a much lower income community,” Cooper stated.

“These individuals, some of whom – like the woman who spoke, actually helped to get her elected. Instead of looking out for her constituents, she’s more interested in first-class flights to Las Vegas and apparently getting to just really live it up and pretending she’s continuing to represent the people of her city. This is outrageous – she is really working hard to earn the title of worst mayor in America.”

Dolton residents gathered to confront Henyard on Monday night, questioning the Democratic mayor on the FBI investigation into her history of allegedly using taxpayer funds for personal benefits. One resident, who revealed she was suffering from cancer, was seen accusing Henyard of “stealing” money from a cancer foundation to use the funds toward her campaign instead. While another resident called Henyard “the worst mayor in America,” several others demanded that Henyard submit her resignation, according to WWMT.

However, while some were able to confront Henyard, others reportedly were locked out of the town hall and heard “banging” on the locked doors. A spokesperson for the Democratic mayor later claimed to Fox 32 that the doors were locked due to “threats of violence as a result of the continuous misinformation portrayed by the media and internet bloggers who are using Dolton as a means to generate ratings and revenue.”

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