Hungary refuses to embrace European Union’s LGBT activism and migration policies

The European Union wants unity of vision and policy among its remaining member states. To this end, Brussels bureaucrats have sought to quash dissent wherever it appears. This cultural imperialism has proven ineffective against Hungary. Hungary refuses to accept the left-wing orthodoxy of the time, even though it faces severe economic penalties.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's chief of staff, Gergely Gulyas, said on Thursday that the Hungarian government is willing to meet various EU standards, but that compromising on policy issues that are important to the Hungarian people, especially on policy issues, would be “undemocratic”. This is unacceptable,” he said. About LGBT indoctrination and open borders.

What is your background?

In recent years, Hungary and Poland have resisted EU demands on a variety of policy and governance issues. This resistance is a product of the obligations dictated by their respective citizens through fair and free elections, and has been characterized as a violation of the EU accession agreement of both countries, which committed them to uphold democratic standards and common values. There is.

I got it. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's Hungary has been accused of various wrongdoings, including the suppression of minority rights.

Where is the left in Brussels? The Biden administration also strengthened penalties for convicted pedophiles and banned LGBT propaganda targeting children in a law approved by Hungary's parliament in 2021 by a 157-1 vote.

Prime Minister Orbán also accused EU officials of restricting the flow of so-called asylum seekers into Hungary by requiring economic migrants and other foreigners to submit advance asylum applications at missions in Serbia and Ukraine. has incurred the wrath of However, Ukrainians fleeing Russian aggression are exempt.
report Politico.

The city of Brussels similarly accuses Poland of expressing its Christian identity through various policies, but also accuses the previous government of undermining the independence of its courts.

To encourage compliance, the EU has drained both countries of billions of dollars in funding, including pandemic recovery funds, that were plentiful to other member states. This pressure campaign culminated in December 2022, when the European Court of Justice ruled that funding was conditional on meeting the EU's so-called democratic standards.

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After eight years of resistance, led by the conservative Law and Justice Party, Poland
seems to be on the brink of surrender Under the new leadership of Prime Minister-elect and former European Council President Donald Tusk.

“We have received confirmation from the European Commission that Poland meets the last three conditions necessary for full mobilization of its people.”
structural fund — 76 billion euros for program implementation until 2027,” said Minister of Finance and Regional Policy Katarzyna Pełczinska Narencz. Said on friday.

Meanwhile, Budapest faces a long road towards appeasement, but President Orbán seems uninterested in pursuing that path.

according to According to Euronews, Hungary must meet 27 “super milestones” and four additional “horizontal realization conditions” in order to receive the full amount of the more than $32 billion of Hungarian debt that has been frozen. Ta.

Hungary managed to free up more than $10.9 billion in funding last month, apparently addressing EU concerns over judicial reform. But European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said last week that Hungary must bow to demands from LGBT activists and strengthen academic freedom to guarantee the so-called right to asylum and thaw out the rest of the fund. suggested that there is.
report Barons.

“The funds will remain blocked until Hungary meets all the necessary conditions,” Ryen said.

The European Parliament is not even satisfied with recognizing the $10.9 billion that Hungary is owed. Last week, parliament reportedly threatened to sue the EU executive body over the release of funds to Hungary. There was also the theoretical possibility that Budapest could be stripped of its EU voting rights.

“Parliament will consider whether legal action should be taken to reverse the decision to unfreeze some funds, and notes that a range of legal and political tools are available,” the parliament said in a statement.

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The Hungarian government stressed that the democratic will of the people is incompatible with so-called democratic standards abroad.

Gergely Gulyas stressed on Thursday that there would be “limitations” to reaching an agreement with the EU, given that what is being demanded goes against the will of Hungarian voters. report Associated Press.

“The Hungarian government is willing to reach an agreement with the commission, but if the people express a clear opinion, it is undemocratic and unacceptable,” Gryas said. “For Hungary, it is unacceptable to spread LGBTQ propaganda to children, even despite the wishes of the European Commission, and we cannot abandon our position on migration issues.”

shown “The only answer I can give, very calmly, is that there is not enough money in the world to force immigrants in,” he said on Friday's radio broadcast. Please forgive me. We do not intend to create a situation of terrorist and criminal threats like those seen in Western European countries. I can go on and on.”

“And there's not enough money in the world to put our children and grandchildren in the hands of LGBTQ activists. That's not possible,” the Prime Minister added.

Prime Minister of Slovakia Roberto Fico
was praised Prime Minister Orbán last week defended his country's sovereignty and further indicated that he would defeat any efforts by the European Parliament to take away Hungary's voting rights in parliament.

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