Illinois car salesman Crisóforo Osorio-Gonzalez found dead after disappearing during test drive

An Illinois car salesman who disappeared during a test drive with two customers the day before was found dead about an hour and a half away from his Chicago dealership.

Crisoforo Osorio Gonzalez, 36, said he took two potential customers out for a drive that began at the 21st annual car sale in Rockford on Feb. 10, but never returned. KGET 17.

The newspaper added that Gonzalez, a dealership manager, was found execution-style shot in the back of the head in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood, citing the Cook County coroner.

Police later said the car he used for the test drive was found abandoned in Chicago.

Crisoforo Osorio Gonzalez was found dead about 90 miles away from his car dealership after taking two customers for a test drive. KGET 17
Gonzalez’s body was found a day after she went missing in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood. KGET 17

“I’m not sleeping well. So many people call me every day. So I just want justice. We all want justice. Family. Justice for everyone. ,” the dealership owner told the publication.

“He was a person who cared about people. You know, he sells cars. It didn’t matter if he liked the deal or not. He was always happy, a happy person, and he loved his customers. I treated it as if I had known it for 20 or 25 years.”

Police have not yet made any arrests.

Gonzalez’s family is demanding answers after his mysterious murder.

A car salesman was found shot in the back of the head, execution style. KGET 17

“Normally, if he’s going to be out, he makes sure to let someone know. He said, Hey, I’m going to be here. If you want me to come pick you up, or if something happens, I’m here. ,” said his sister Araceli Osorio. WREX Wednesday.

Osorio said she and her family had already feared the worst from the moment they heard her brother was missing. Fears were further exacerbated when police found her brother’s body but were unable to immediately identify her.

“Our hearts immediately went to him, it might be him,” Osorio said. “Then we started calling Chicago and the police department to see if there was a way to tell them if it was him. If they could help us identify him,” Osorio said. said.

In Rockford, police announced in December that violent crime was down 20% from 2022 to 2023, and shootings were down an additional 32%.

Gonzalez’s family said they knew something was wrong the night he disappeared because they couldn’t contact him as they normally would. KGET 17

Despite the decline, Rockford’s violent crime rate remains among the highest in the nation, the paper reports. 2023 US Cities Crime Rate Report.

In April 2023, Texas teens Luis Gutierrez and Cristian Saucedo were arrested on suspicion of fatally shooting 55-year-old Hudir Hamdan during a test drive.

Hamdan wanted to sell a relative’s car and arranged to show it to the teens when he spoke to them on Facebook Marketplace. According to NBC Dallas/Fort Worth.



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