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Immigration advocacy groups sue Biden administration over border directive

Immigrant advocacy groups are suing the Biden administration over President Biden’s recent directive to limit the number of migrants seeking asylum at the southern border.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and numerous other groups filed the lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center and the Refugee and Immigrant Education and Legal Services Center.

“We were left with no choice but to litigate. The administration does not have the unilateral authority to ignore Congress and ban asylum based on how someone entered the country. The courts made this very clear when the Trump administration tried and failed to impose a nearly identical ban,” said Lee Gerentz, deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project. In a statement.

The executive action means that foreign nationals crossing the southern border between ports of entry will be denied entry if the number of foreign nationals crossing the southern border between ports of entry exceeds 2,500 per day on a seven-day average.

of Complaints They argue that Biden’s directive violates existing federal immigration law enacted by Congress.

“The United States has long protected refugees seeking refuge from persecution. The Refugee Act of 1980 codified that nation’s responsibility into law,” the lawsuit states.

“While Congress has placed certain limitations on the right to seek asylum over the years, it has never permitted the executive branch to impose a blanket ban on asylum based on where an alien enters the country.”

In a statement to The Hill, a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson said the new rules are lawful.

“We cannot comment on pending litigation. The Border Patrol Regulations are lawful, a necessary step in strengthening border security and are already effective. The measures at issue remain in effect and will continue to be enforced,” the spokesperson said.

“Unauthorized aliens should not come to our southern border. There are serious consequences for crossing the border illegally,” the spokesperson added.

Biden’s actions on the border have drawn backlash from both parties as he tries to address a highly contentious issue, with the White House trying to blame Republicans for not taking action on the border when new rules were introduced earlier this month.

Republican lawmakers enacted a similar asylum cap earlier this year and blocked a bipartisan border deal that would have included increased funding for Border Patrol agents and immigration judges.