Jewish Yale student stabbed in eye with Palestinian flag during rowdy protest: ‘Mob behavior’

A Jewish student journalist at Yale University said she survived a protester carrying a Palestinian flag punching her in the eye during a violent anti-Israel protest on campus Saturday night. Ta.

Sahar Tartaq, editor-in-chief of the Yale Free Press, said she was surrounded by a mob of demonstrators as she covered a protest in which hundreds of students gathered in support of Palestinians.

A Yale University student (left) says a protester stabbed him in the eye with a Palestinian flag. (Sahar Tartak)

Tartak said the protests had been building steadily for a week, with students setting up tents in the center of campus and erecting a monument to Palestinian terrorist Walid Dhaka. The crowd also created a mock F-16 covered in fake blood to protest the Israeli military.

Tartak said the action culminated in hundreds of students gathering in the square and shouting slogans such as “There is only one solution: the intifada revolution.”

When Tartak and a friend went to cover a protest Saturday night, she said the crowd immediately singled them out for being “obviously Jewish.”

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“They set up a human blockade in front of us and blocked us every time we tried to exercise our freedom of movement around the protests,” Tartak said.

At some point, she and her friend became separated. Her demonstrators formed a circle around her, chanting inflammatory slogans and taunting her.

“One of the students, whose face was covered with a keffiyeh, grabbed the Palestinian flag he was holding and swung it at my face, hitting me in the left eye,” Tartak said.

Hound Man of Yale University Protesters

A man attempting to record a protest at Yale University on April 20, 2024, was stalked by activists using umbrellas and flags to prevent him from witnessing the action. (FNTV)

Mr. Tartak tried to chase after his assailant, but was unable to do so due to the human blockade. “Because they wanted to protect him.” Others laughed at her, she said, but no one tried to track him down.

“The keffiyeh kept him anonymous. Organizers encourage anonymity at these events, which creates impunity and allows students to physically assault people like me. But then you can escape,” she said.

Sahar reported the incident to the police, who called an ambulance. Her paramedic advised her to go to her hospital.

Sahar told Fox News Digital that violence is inevitable because the university refuses to intervene for fear of escalation, which in turn allows it to escalate. She said there were no administrators at the protest, and campus police were not instructed to disperse when things turned violent.

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“I knew this would happen if students continued to push their limits, but I never expected it to happen to me,” Turtuck said. “I think it’s important to understand that violence is at the heart of this movement. It’s violence against Jews, it’s violence against the West.”

She denounced the protests as “mass violence.”

“So what happens is, God forbid, more students are beaten, more and more nothing happens, and in a few years gangs take over the university. ” she said. “It’s very dangerous to allow them to go over the limit. We were lucky that that player’s flag didn’t go up in the end.”

The Yale Police Department told Fox News Digital that it is investigating reports of an assault that occurred during a protest at Beinecke Square.

“The university does not tolerate violence, intimidation, harassment, or intimidation against members of the community and provides support to students who report them,” the department said.

President Salovey issued a statement early Sunday morning acknowledging reports of “terrible acts” arising from the protests.

“While we may not agree on everything, we all play our part in fostering a community that is able to have open and civil discussions about all topics, no matter how complex or difficult.” “We have a responsibility to fulfill our mission,” Salovey said. “As members of a university committed to learning and the search for truth, we could not do more.”

New York City police officers patrol as pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate outside Columbia University's campus.

New York City Police Department officers patrol as pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate outside the Columbia University campus on Thursday, April 18, 2024, in New York City. Several students were arrested as police cleared an encampment on the campus lawn. (Peter Garber, Fox News Digital)

Saturday’s protests came after protesters at Columbia University were heard shouting pro-Hamas slogans, setting up an encampment on campus on Thursday and continuing into Friday, resulting in 100 people The above were arrested.


Such demonstrations have erupted across university campuses in recent months in protest of Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip, starting on October 7, when 1,200 people were killed and about 240 were taken hostage. in response to Hamas’ attack on Israel.

Gaza’s Health Ministry, run by Hamas, claims the war has killed at least 34,097 Palestinians and injured another 76,980, although Israel disputes these figures. . The ministry does not count combatants and civilians separately.

Fox News Digital’s Greg Wehner and The Associated Press contributed to this report.