Johnson Sets Vote on Tax Bill Called ‘Trojan Horse to Expand Welfare’ for Illegals

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) is rushing to pass the tax bill announced just days ago, overcoming significant policy opposition from both conservative and moderate Republicans.

Conservatives have voiced opposition to provisions in the bill that they see as handouts to illegal immigrants, especially the expansion of the child tax credit, which does not require parents to provide Social Security numbers. They argue that the expansion will act as an additional strong draw for migrants, even as the number of migrant encounters at the border has reached a record high under President Joe Biden.

The fight over the tax credit comes as Senate negotiators continue to seek separate compromises on border security and foreign aid. In this fight, conservatives have argued that Democrats will obscure the seriousness of the border crisis and demonstrate action by processing migrants more quickly rather than blocking future migrants in an election year, and hiding and detaining already migrants. By doing so, they have been accused of prioritizing policies that ease bottlenecks at the border. Even if it goes against American interests.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday morning that he intended to introduce legislation later in the evening, based on the suspension of the rules. A “suspension vote” requires two-thirds support, but can pass more quickly and is typically used for non-controversial or low-profile votes, such as changing the name of the post office.

But Mr Johnson has signaled a new normal for a suspension vote that could avoid opposition within his own party. Just a few weeks ago, he suspended rules for moving another major piece of legislation. This continuing resolution is an extension of the government funding levels enacted in December 2022 by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). This is a continuing resolution that extends the priority order. Lame Duck Congress.

The bill received overwhelming support from Democrats. Johnson secured the support of the Republican majority by just one vote, receiving 107 votes against 106. However, Breitbart News has learned that Johnson switched to Yes at the last minute to secure a majority.

Under conference rules adopted by House Republicans at the beginning of the session, the speaker must receive majority support from Republicans to advance legislation.

In addition to concerns about the child tax credit, a group of New York state legislators has been at the forefront of opposition from Republicans in high-tax states over caps on state and local tax (SALT) deductions.

The group had been trying to reach a compromise with Mr Johnson in the hours leading up to the vote. In a close race, Mr Johnson may need their votes to win two-thirds support.

Despite criticism within his own party, Prime Minister Johnson touted the bill, calling it “an important bipartisan bill to restore pro-growth, conservative tax reform.”

However, there is significant conservative opposition to the bill. Richard Stern, director of the Heritage Foundation’s Herman Center on the Federal Budget and a former budget staffer for Mr. Johnson, said the bill is “a Trojan horse to expand welfare programs, including those for illegal aliens.” told Bart News.

He added: “The bulk of the bill is spending and subsidy increases, not tax cuts. 91.5% of what is billed as ‘middle class tax cuts’ is actually a dramatic expansion of the welfare state.” It is filled. Additionally, the bill would create at least $155 billion in new federal deficits, further increasing inflation and mortgage rates. This is a reckless and fiscally irresponsible move that will burden hard-working American families. ”

Staff on the Ways and Means Committee, which recommended the bill days before Johnson was scheduled to vote, encouraged members to vote as soon as it opened in a show of coercion that signaled the impending vote.

In an email to the staff of the committee’s Republican members obtained by Breitbart News, Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith (R-Missouri) urged members to “green the committee as soon as possible.” We need to shine a light on it,” he said.

“I understand that it is probably about the time MPs return from dinner, but the Speaker would appreciate it if you could prioritize voting earlier in the count.”

Smith and other bill sponsors, who negotiated the deal with Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), argued that the changes could jeopardize the bill’s passage in the Senate. ing.

But Republicans who oppose the bill question why Johnson would prioritize a bill that includes bad policies without support among conservatives, handing the unpopular Biden a rare victory in an election year. There is.

Bradley Jay is Breitbart News’ Capitol Hill correspondent. Follow him on X/Twitter. @BradleyAJay.



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