Judge Judy shares the best piece of professional advice she ever received ahead of Her Honor event

Judge Judy Sheindlin imparted wisdom to high school students preparing for the professional world at a recent honorary luncheon.

“Once you achieve something professionally or vocationally, women’s… They usually do better.”

of Her Honor Mentoring Program, now in its 17th year, was funded by the famous TV judge and developed by her daughter Nicole Sheindlin. We match young women attending local high schools with professional women from a variety of industries who provide hands-on work experience, advice and mentorship to help them succeed in the workplace.

During weekly meetings, teaching pairs explore topics related to education, career, and financial literacy. The mentoring program is managed by Volunteer New York.

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Judge Judy and her mentees at Her Majesty’s Luncheon in Larchmont, New York. (Linda Shenkman Oxygen House Photography Studio)

Ms. Sheindlin on Friday encouraged those in attendance not to be completely dependent on others, as they were the only “unfortunate” women she had ever met. She said, “Introducing young women to women who have had careers, who are completely their own, not their spouse’s, not their children’s, who are completely their own.” “This makes me so happy and completely fulfilled as a human being,” he said, praising His Highness.

Sheindlin said when her daughter first approached her about the idea, she decided it was designed for high school seniors who were “underserved” and just needed “an extra nudge.” She told Fox News Digital that many of the kids in the program didn’t have anyone they could turn to for help with homework, didn’t know how to dress to ace an interview and were unsure about other career skills. These young women were paired with professionals from a variety of fields for a year.

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Judge Judy speaks with Fox News Digital ahead of the Queen’s Luncheon. (Laura Carione)

Additionally, Sheindlin said it is important for young women to know their financial value in business and to teach them skills such as banking and investing.

“It gives kids who work hard in school, who want to go to college, who want to be successful in whatever they do, that extra feeling of, ‘We care as a community, we care.’ He gave to me,” she told FOX News Digital. About your success. That’s the origin. ”

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Karen Cheeks Lomax, six-time leader, former CEO of My Sister’s Place and current owner of Brownie & Company, described the Queen’s mission as “extraordinary”. ” he called. Because it “inspires young minds” and opens access to different parts of them. community. She then spoke to participants about the symbiotic relationships she has enjoyed with her mentees throughout the program.

“There’s still so much we can learn from her,” Lomax said as she introduced her former mentor, Nia Jordan Fears, and urged participants to “keep paying it forward.”

Fears, who has a background in electrical engineering and physics, also mentored Mikhaila Gordon, an aspiring computer engineer attending the Denzel Washington School of the Arts.

“When I first heard that Nia was pursuing the same career path as me, it was a profound and somewhat surreal experience,” Gordon said at the luncheon. “I felt like I was peering into my future self, reflecting my aspirations and dreams through her accomplishments.”

“Her honor really sparked a desire in me to actively contribute in my own small way and be a catalyst for change,” she added.

Before becoming Judge Judy, Sheindlin said the best advice she received before starting her career came from her father.

“He said, ‘Don’t fail,'” she laughed. “Although I don’t think he said, ‘Fucked up.’ So in the back of my mind, no matter what I do, I say, ‘There are two paths. Choose this. It may be the more convenient path, but it’s the one that’s potentially the most likely to make you sad.” “

“I think women should find something they’re naturally good at, find a way to make a living doing it, and pursue whatever it takes to get to that calling or profession,” she continued. “The only time I know that women are unhappy is when they are completely dependent on someone else for their sustenance. That has been my experience for over 80 years.”

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The cast of “Judy Justice” on set. LR (Sarah Rose, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Whitney Kumar, Kevin Lasko) (Michael Becker, Amazon Freevee)


Sheindlin, best known for serving on Judge Judy’s panel for 25 years, is now presiding over the case. “Judy Justice” will return with new episodes weekdays on Amazon Freevee and Prime Video later this summer.

Fox News Digital’s Josh Comins, Diego-Christopher Lopez and Laura Carrione contributed to this report.