Media are desperately distracting us with an agenda of hysterical noise

You’re already dead, don’t worry. We are all.

The civil war started a few weeks ago, and it absolutely
killed us all.As Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch explained January 25th, “Eagle Pass is today’s Fort Sumter,” where the war began. Last month, the first shot in a nationwide conflagration was imminent. Bunch said Texas Governor Greg Abbott “channels the Confederate spirit” and that Joe Biden “has only two options: immediate military conflict or sneers at weakness.” “Ta” he wrote. The president needed to take control of the Texas National Guard and “order Abbott’s Confederate forces to retreat,” Bunch concluded.

We live in a state of hysteria, driven by a news media that has nothing but “diaper-soiled panic.”

Posting to the site formerly known as Twitter the next day will result in an important
Department of Defense-funded academicscaroline orr bueno More frightening new information has been added. President Trump’s fearsome private army of Stormtroopers was on the march, locked and loaded, headed for the border.

“They heeded President Trump’s call to start an insurrection on January 6th,” she said.
I have written. “If you think they won’t listen to his declaration of war in Texas, you don’t understand what’s going on here.”

So a rebellion and civil war is clearly underway, with the federal government fighting on the battlefield for complete control of Texas. Because the only other option is to conclude that a bunch of journalists and academics are hysterical ninnies. Someone who is always wrong.

We live in a state of hysteria driven by a news media that can’t set “diaper-staining panic” past 10 o’clock on the volume dial on the amplifier. Orange Man Bad is outdated. We are literally in the era of the Orangeman, Hitler, genocide, civil war, rebellion, Putin, and Putin. By the way, be sure to scream that last non-word while punching yourself in the face and dripping urine down the hem of your pants. If you do it right, you might even get hired as a mainstream journalist.

Donald Trump said in a recent speech that he told the leaders of NATO countries that if they didn’t spend more money on their militaries to protect themselves, they wouldn’t bother defending their countries. . Forbes explained his own comments with a headline about infanticide, going on to say that President Trump wants to be raped by Europeans and have their genitals mutilated while infants are slaughtered. explained. Do you think I’m exaggerating?
see for yourself.

I propose four explanations.

First of all, this catcalling is the noise that people make when they know no one is listening. They are shouting as you are about to leave. All major news organizations are in crisis;
suffer mass layoffs. If the situation worsens, we may have to stop subsidizing the reporting of anti-anxiety drugs, a dead end for professional mainstream journalism.

Second, manufactured hysteria also provides a cover for journalists to escape self-reflection about the trajectory of their businesses.The Los Angeles Times lost nearly a quarter of its newsroom.
to dismissal Executed after layoff in January opinion article About the deep importance of souping up paintings to stop climate change. They cry out to stop thinking. About themselves.

Thirdly, it’s the noise to mask, the hysteria to shift
your There’s real life happening that deserves close involvement, so stay tuned. Liberal journalists Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, and Alex Gutentag continue to publish important articles in Substack’s Public newsletter.sample heading and A must-read story: “The CIA had foreign allies spy on the Trump team, sparking the Russia collusion hoax, sources say.” etc.

Oh my god! Look over there! A “rebellion” is a glowing object that is flashed at you in a pretty desperate way to distract you.

And finally, hysterical news is a product of hysterical minds, a natural tendency based on individual psychology.

To put it very mildly, there is a certain mentality that leads to catastrophe as a matter of habit. I’ve found myself thinking about former Ottawa City Councilor Diane Deans a lot lately. He famously raged against the police’s failure to quell Freedom Convoy.
special rage Regarding the convoy’s use of “that bouncy castle.” Many enraged killjoys go into politics or journalism.

Break the hysteria. Eliminate manufactured panic from your life. Pay particular attention to news that seems to tell you what’s going on.
about to happen: A civil war begins over Eagle Pass!

News about the future is not always malicious, but news about the future is
really happened It has the advantage of being based on provable reality rather than speculation.

There are too many real problems to solve to waste time on hypothetical media emergencies of the future. Anyone who finds reality to deal with and cries out loud should never read Will Bunch’s books. You will appreciate the words. I mean during the worst days of the coming civil war.



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