Migrant arrested in spat with police after showing off NYPD attack video

On Thursday night, New York City police were filmed arresting an immigrant in Manhattan who appeared to exchange words with a passing police officer and broadcast a recent attack on two police officers on his cell phone to another man. ing.

A man wearing an orange down jacket and baggy pants played the clip before hitting a pipe and was seen stumbling on the sidewalk outside the Roosevelt Hotel. Eventually he was patted down, handcuffed and taken away.

A NYPD spokesperson said officers arrested Yoyvar Martinez, 19, on charges of obstruction of traffic and possession of a controlled substance.

New York City immigrants arrested on suspicion of assaulting police, flee to California after release: Report

Police took the suspect into custody outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan. (FNTV)

The same man arrested Thursday was seen emerging from a Manhattan courthouse earlier in the day alongside one of the suspects in the police assault, João Boada, 22, and appeared on the news as he was being released from custody. He held up two middle fingers to the camera.

The two laughed when reporters asked, “Does that mean you respect this country?”

He claimed to not speak English.

Police said he was seen blocking pedestrian traffic and failed to provide identification before taking him to the 18th Precinct building, where he was found with an unknown substance in his pocket. He claims to have discovered this. Police said there was an unrelated car accident at the same location.

Surveillance footage was released Saturday of a group of immigrants attacking two NYPD officers before police arrested seven suspects, most of whom were released without bail.

WATCH: NYPD police officer attacked by immigrant near Times Square

The NYPD identified the suspects as Boada, Yoenly Brito (24), Jandry Barros (21), Darwin Andres Gomez Izquiel (19), Kelvin Servato Arrocha (19), and Wilson Juarez (21). ), and Yeoman Rebellon, 24, who has two unsolved cases in Manhattan. assault and robbery.

Immigrants watching videos on their phones

Before his arrest, the suspect appeared to show the other men a video of a recent attack on an NYPD officer by a mob of immigrants. (FNTV)

Attorney Daniel Penny slams the no-bail release of immigrants who attacked NYPD officers: ‘I’m very confused’

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office said the charges against Mr. Barros were dropped on Thursday due to a lack of evidence.

Four of them then fled town on a bus bound for California, according to the New York Post.

Handcuffed suspect walks through New York City

The suspect, wearing an orange down jacket, is handcuffed and taken away by New York City police officers. (FNTV)

The report said Andres Gómez, Servita Arocha, Juárez and Rebellon are believed to have given false names to a church group that helps immigrants seeking to flee New York City.

The video shows police trying to clear the sidewalk near the Amsterdam Theater, and one of them gets into a scuffle with a man wearing yellow clothes. After falling to the ground, rioters can be seen kicking the officer in the head and back and struggling with his partner.

Three illegal immigrants convicted of assault last month re-arrested for sanctuary city robbery

The officers suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene.

The sanctuary city of New York is struggling to cope with the overwhelming number of migrants crossing its southern border.

Just last month, Customs and Border Protection issued the following report: record number More than 302,000 migrants were encountered at the southern border.

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FOX News’ Michael Dorgan, Sarah Rumpf and Bradford Betts contributed to this report.



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