MTV reality show star is sick to his stomach and feels violated after armed men tried to burglarize his Hollywood home

The MTV reality show star said he his stomach hurts He felt his home in the Hollywood Hills had been targeted and violated by armed robbers.

Joey Zausig, a 31-year-old actor and influencer, described the incident to his followers on social media from his home on Marmont Lane.

“Last night, around 12am, three masked men broke into our house while we were sleeping. One of the glass doors shattered, so I noticed it and raised the alarm. ,” Zausig said on her Instagram Story.

The actor posted surveillance video from his home showing three masked men sneaking onto his property. He said they shattered the sliding glass door and set off the alarm, waking Zausig and her husband around midnight Monday.

“I didn’t know if they were still in the house and I was so freaked out that I almost screamed ‘help!’ from the balcony,” Zausig said.

Police were called, but the three men fled the scene before police arrived. Zausig said police also sent two helicopters.

“It was truly one of the scariest things that ever happened, when I woke up and saw the camera footage,” he continued. “I’m still very shocked.”

Zausig posted an image of what he claimed was the getaway car, adding that it resembled a red Dodge Challenger.

He went on to say that they and her husband felt “completely violated” and felt “stomach-wrenching.” He reassured his followers that their dogs were unharmed in the incident as they were away at a training camp.

The Los Angeles Police Department said it is investigating the incident and trying to identify the three men.

“I’m just feeling angry right now,” he added.

Zausig is best known for his role on MTV’s LGBTQ+ reality show “The Real Friends of WeHo.” He has 459,000 followers on his Instagram account.

“Right now I’m angry. These people are disgusting and sick,” he said. Said Regarding attempted robbery. “I’m wondering when things will go back to normal, because they never will. Unfortunately, a lot of the messages are coming from people who have been through the same thing.”

Reports regarding this incident are as follows:

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