Pro-Palestinian thug who entered US illegally caught on video stealing pro-Israel flag, beating up homeowner, police say

A pro-Palestinian man who entered the United States illegally was caught on video stealing a pro-Israel flag from a home in Long Island, New York, and punching the homeowner who confronted him, police said Sunday.

What are the details?

Aleks Binyaminov hung an Israeli-American flag and a sign that read “We Stand with Israel” in front of his home in Hewlett after Hamas killed his wife’s cousin on Oct. 7. WCBS TV reported.

Police said Binyaminov’s surveillance camera showed a man walking up the driveway, holding up a pro-Israel sign and leaving, before Binyaminov got on his child’s bicycle to retrieve the property.

“When I took the flag away from him, he said, ‘I’m from Palestine, and you Jews are killing Palestinians,'” Binyaminov recalled. To WNBC TVShe added: “He punched me in the face, choked me and headbutted me, which gave me a black eye.”

“The subject continued to violently shake his body, continued to struggle with the victim, and threw the victim to the ground,” Nassau County Police Deputy Chief Kevin Smith told WNBC.

WCBS announced that Nassau County police arrested 26-year-old Beshir Rabeib, who illegally crossed the border into Arizona in November and was staying at an immigrant shelter on Staten Island.

Lebaib told police he was from North Africa and took the bus to Hewlett to look for work, WCBS reported.

“People looking for work don’t typically do that in residential areas and tear down people’s flags and signs,” Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said, according to WCBS.

Blakeman and other Republican elected officials blamed border policy for the incident, WNBC reported.

According to WCBS, Blakeman compared the flag theft and physical assault to the recent assault on NYPD officers in Times Square, saying, “They spit on our flag and trample on our values. , committing a crime and doing it at taxpayer expense.”

Binyaminov, an immigrant from Russia, told WCBS: “People coming into the country should be carefully screened. I never thought this would happen to me. As Jews, we are here to ensure that all of us “I’m living happily without any problems. I’m feeling a little bit.” It’s a bit unfortunate that this happened to us. ”

WCBS added that the suspect pleaded not guilty to hate crime, robbery and assault charges, was ordered held on $50,000 bail and had to surrender his passport.

by new york postThe suspect told police he hated Israeli Jews and made other hateful comments, saying, “If you see the flag of the people who killed your own people, there’s going to be trouble.” ” is said to have been said.

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