School district plans to convert special-needs school into ‘migrant resettlement’ facility, county commissioner warns

North Carolina school districts are planning to close special education schools and turn them into “startup schools,” new Hanover County Commissioner Dane Scalise warned Thursday.

New Hanover County Schools announced in November that it plans to close Career Readiness Academy in Mosley, which serves students with special needs.

At last week's meeting, the NHC Board of Education and NHC Schools Superintendent Dr. Charles Faust said the closed schools could be replaced by “emerging schools,” Scalise said. Scalise explained that despite the misleading name, the school will eventually become an immigrant resettlement facility. He accused school districts of trying to close schools by forcing students to move to other facilities in the county.

“Mosley is a unique public school in New Hanover County that provides a tailored education to local students with special learning needs. and assimilation facilities,” Scalise said in a recent op-ed published by the newspaper. carolina journal.

“The stated mission of these facilities is not to educate students in the traditional sense, but to assist entire immigrant and refugee families in integrating into the communities in which they move.” continued Scalise. “The undeniable truth is that newcomer schools are outside of our educational system and will soon become a magnet for immigrant families from outside the county.”

He urged school districts to prioritize services for students living in the county. Scalise said another North Carolina school district, Guilford County Schools, has established an emerging educational institution and experienced a “rapid influx of immigrants,” turning the district into a “center for refugee resettlement.” It pointed out. WUNC article.

“I now have serious doubts about how long the plan to close Moseley and open a freshman school has been in the works, especially since Dr. Faust’s staff have said this plan has been under consideration since as early as 2021. ,” Scalise added. . “I am also extremely concerned that Dr. Faust and his administration unilaterally announced the closure of Mosley School without seeking prior approval from the school board. Discussions and decisions of this magnitude are It should be done by the elected school board, not behind closed doors by staff.”

Faust did not respond to requests for comment. Daily Caller News Foundation report.

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