Seattle line dancing squad says they were booted from competition because their American flag shirts made crowd ‘triggered and unsafe’

Members of the Country Line dance team said they were removed from the competition because their Stars and Stripes-themed shirts were “inciting and made them feel unsafe” to some members of the audience.

Last weekend, the Borderline Dance Team was scheduled to perform at the Emerald City Hoedown in Seattle, Washington. The dance group said it had been invited to dance at competitions for the past three years, but was unable to perform due to the pandemic.

Borderline Dance Troupe said on Facebook: post“Dance teams work very hard to prepare for performances like this. It takes extra practices, babysitting, ferry rides, hours of practice, and commuting away from their families. Everyone was so excited to perform at this event.”

However, the Country Line Dance Team said they were not welcome due to concerns about their American flag-themed uniforms.

“Unfortunately, what our team encountered upon arrival was that the top of our flag was offensive to some of the tournament participants,” the organization said.

The Borderline Dance Team said there were a small group of people who felt “triggered and unsafe.”

The dance team said the reasons why their uniforms featuring the American flag make people uncomfortable are pro-Palestinian views on the Israel-Hamas war and transgender issues.

The dance team will either “remove the top of the national flag and perform in street clothes (which most of us didn’t bring because we were traveling in uniform), or we will provide the ECH shirts we have been wearing for years.” He claimed that he was threatened with a notice. Otherwise, you will not be given the opportunity to perform at all.

According to the Borderline Dance Team, all members have decided not to dance at all at the competition. They noted that another dance team refused to perform in solidarity with them.

“Our friends West Coast Country Heat, who were scheduled to perform at that night’s competition, proudly wear their country’s colors in the same spirit of patriotism as we do, so their performance will be I didn’t,” it says.

The dance team said, “While we may not necessarily agree with the status quo, we all recognize that being an American means true freedom. Despite this, he walked away with dignity and grace.” ”

The Borderline Dance Team said it has received “amazing” support from the majority of the community and Emerald City Hoedown organizers.

But they also said they were “disappointed” that country dance competitions were “overshadowed by a minority of political views”.

said team co-captain Lindsey Stamp.jason lantz show“My team is not political. We are here to dance. We are a patriotic group. We support our military, veterans, and first responders. We are a group of patriots.”

Ziady Kambia, president of the Rain Country Dance Association, said in a Facebook comment that no team was asked to leave.

“We will continue to stay in touch with the dance team captains who were scheduled to perform on Saturday,” Cambie said. I have written. “Just to be clear, this was not a competition, so no one was disqualified or asked to leave.” We will disable comments and will share more details later.” I hope this week clears up any misunderstandings. ”

However, Mr. Stamp disagreed with Mr. Cambia’s statement.

“Obviously there’s always room for error in any situation, but I don’t think so,” Stump told Lantz.

“I would like to see more conversations happen about people accepting each other,” she continued. “About being completely inclusive. Every group of people talks about being inclusive and accepting. And we’re being inclusive, and we’re talking about being inclusive and accepting people who are outside of our immediate comfort zone. I think we need to work on accepting that. I would love to see that.”

The Rain Country Dance Association did not respond to requests for comment. fox news.

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