Sen. Sullivan demands answers after American flag reportedly banned from beloved national park: ‘This is an outrage’

Officials at Alaska’s famed Denali National Park are finding themselves in hot water after they allegedly told construction workers in the park not to fly the American flag.

Republican Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska wrote National Park Service Director Charles Sams demanding an explanation for the actions of Denali National Park officials, noting that they asked construction workers to remove the flag “on the eve of Memorial Day weekend.”

News of the incident appears to have started after a local conservative publication, Alaska Watchman, reported the incident, citing an anonymous construction worker at the park.

Fox News Digital was unable to independently verify the details of the report.

In his letter, Sullivan explained that a 3-by-5-foot American flag had been attached to one of the construction vehicles involved in the project, but “for reasons unknown, someone at the NPS instructed construction crews to remove the American flag.”

Officials at Denali National Park in Alaska have reportedly instructed construction workers not to fly the American flag. AP Photo/Becky Bohler, File
Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan wrote a letter to National Park Service Director Charles Sams demanding an explanation for the “outrage” at Denali National Park. AP Photo/Maryam Zuhaib

“This is outrageous, especially as we approach one of our most solemn national holidays, Memorial Day, when Americans come together to raise the flag and honor those who have given their lives in service to our country,” Sullivan wrote. “The American flag should be celebrated, not censored, by federal officials, especially during Memorial Day weekend.”

The Alaska senator said he saw no regulations banning the flying of the American flag on public land and argued such a restriction was odd, given that the purpose of national parks is for the “enjoyment of the American people.”

Sullivan concluded by calling on Sam’s to investigate the incident and take steps to “ensure that an incident like this never happens again in an American national park.”

Sullivan noted that the incident occurred just before Memorial Day. Thomas Bender/Herald Tribune/USA Today Network

The incident also sparked protests by Alaskan residents, who organized a “patriotic flag-carrying motorcade” from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Denali National Park on Sunday.

The protest, which was organised on Facebook, had 23 confirmed participants as of Sunday morning, with more than 100 people expressing interest.

The National Park Service and Denali National Park did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Fox News Digital.