Vivek Ramaswamy caught on hot mic using bathroom during wild Elon Musk, Alex Jones X livestream

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy went to the toilet during a wild XSpaces livestream, along with Elon Musk, far-right conspiracy theorists Alex Jones, Andrew Tate, and other controversial celebrities. was caught using a hot mic. This hilariously awkward gaffe by Ramaswami occurred when Musk was interviewing Jones. Jones was the host of InfoWars who claimed […]

American Airlines sued over camera taped in bathroom

A 14-year-old girl who was allegedly recorded in the bathroom during an American Airlines flight filed a lawsuit against American Airlines on Friday. A North Carolina teen claims that during a trip from Charlotte to Boston on September 2, a male flight attendant taped an iPhone to the toilet lid, setting the record straight before […]

Hostages Ate Poorly, Slept on Benches; Waited up to Two Hours for Bathroom

Families of released Israeli hostages told reporters on Sunday that the hostages had been forced to sleep on benches during their seven-week captivity. People had to endure waits of up to two hours to go to the toilet. And sometimes they were even refused food. Adva Adal, granddaughter of freed Holocaust survivor Jaffa Adal (85). […]

Dana Carvey’s Son Found Dead In Locked Bathroom: REPORT

Dex Carvey, the eldest son of famous comedian Dana Carvey, has reportedly died at the age of 32. Law enforcement officials said they responded to Dex’s girlfriend’s urgent request for help and responded to his home in the Los Angeles area at 10 p.m. Wednesday. TMZ It was reported on Thursday. According to the outlet, […]

RFK Jr. caught on camera airplane bathroom BAREFOOT

Most of the time when people are photographed barefoot, they’re either poolside, at the beach, attending a yoga class, or doing something we probably don’t want to know about. They rarely, if ever, fly on a plane. RFK Junior is a different story, but apparently he doesn’t wear shoes (socks) on passenger planes. He was […]

Ron DeSantis downplays ‘bathroom wars’ in resurfaced clip — ahead of third debate

Newly unearthed footage shows Ron DeSantis downplaying the transgender “bathroom wars” during his 2018 campaign for governor of Florida. The 2024 candidates are expected to be grilled on this issue during Wednesday’s third Republican debate. “Do you support or oppose laws that allow transgender people to choose their own bathroom?” host Frank Luntz asked DeSantis. […]