Veterinarian performed surgery on Israeli held hostage by Hamas

Her aunt said a Palestinian veterinarian operated on a French Israeli hostage held by Hamas. “She was traumatized,” Vivian Hadal said Thursday night after her 21-year-old niece Mia Shem was released. According to the Jerusalem Post. “She is thin and weak,” Hadar said of Cem. She did physical therapy for herself. “She knew she needed […]

Mark Zuckerberg vetoes proposal to ban plastic surgery filters: lawsuit

Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg bans filters simulating the effects of plastic surgery from his social media sites, despite body modification techniques having negative effects on young girls’ mental health, according to lawsuit It is said that he rejected the proposal to do so. The complaint, filed last week by 33 states including New York against […]

Giants’ Daniel Jones to undergo season-ending surgery Wednesday

Daniel Jones will spend Thanksgiving in the early stages of recovery from knee surgery. The Giants quarterback, who suffered a torn ACL in a loss to the Raiders on Nov. 6, will undergo surgery in New York on Wednesday, he revealed on FanDuel’s “Up & Adams.” “Now is the best time.” Jones said Tuesday.. “There’s […]

Patients paying $10K for plastic surgery procedures to fix sagging ‘Ozempic face’

Ozempic users are noticing changes in their faces that cause them to lose arms and legs. Patients who injected antidiabetic drugs to lose weight noticed an “Ozempik face,” or thin, deflated cheeks and loose, sagging skin around the jaw. Affected people, trying to avoid plastic surgery for their newly droopy faces, are instead undergoing repeated […]

I spent $300K on plastic surgery — renewing my driver’s license is a huge hassle now

A former lawyer who underwent $300,000 worth of plastic surgery to change his appearance claims government agents questioned his identity when he went to renew his driver’s license. Brazilian beauty Denise Rocha, who quit her career in the courtroom to become a model, was discovered by officials at the São Paulo City Transportation Department when […]

Marine Corps head out of hospital, preparing for further surgery after heart attack

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Eric Smith is home and recovering after suffering a heart attack late last month, the Marines said Thursday. Smith was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday and “continues to recover well ahead of schedule” after reportedly suffering a heart attack and collapsing while running on Oct. 29, the Marine Corps said […]

N. Dakota judge upholds ban on sex change surgery for minors

A judge in North Dakota has rejected a lawsuit seeking to block a law banning sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy for minors. Three families and a pediatrician sued the state of North Dakota in mid-September 2023, claiming that the ban on children’s procedures violates their civil rights by limiting their right to make personal […]